6 Chastity And Humiliation Games For Couples

If your slave doesn’t respond well to sissy play, you can switch things up. Because he’s so desperate, tease him by walking seductively around, bending over, and showing him everything he can’t have. You can invite a third party to fuck you while the slave does nothing but watch. The third person will pleasure you in ways the slave never could — make sure to really drive that point home while you’re fucking the other person. The bedroom is where we can get really creative with punishments.

Public humiliation is where you’ll have to get a bit ingenious. You can’t actually humiliate your slave in public the same way you would in a private setting. If there are people around you, always remember that, unlike your slave and you, they didn’t sign up to participate in your scene. Don’t let the slave orgasm until you say so. Delay his orgasms by tugging, punching, or stepping on his balls. Of course, always keep safety in mind, and be firm but gentle (and no heels!).

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Call him a cockslut, a cocklover, or a cumhole, and prove that he is one by pegging him and making him beg for release. You’re not aiming to emotionally scar your chastity slave here. Thus, you need to know if any words or behaviors would trigger him or make him feel unsafe.

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Before you leave the parking lot, while in your car, you will take one of the condoms and wrap it around your chastity cage, balls and all. After your lock is secured to your chastity device you will tape your key. You will tear the tape into pieces to the size of your erect penis. Emma will have her husband fellate her lover.

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I then command him to crawl around the house, naked and blindfolded, on his hands and knees in search of the key. You start out with a bag containing 14 red beads, a white bead, and one green bead. My wife will treat me very special during her “time of the month.” She will set the alarm for a period of at least 15 minutes, but up to 2 hours.

After wearing the cock cage for a few weeks, my slave will be allowed to come and see me. However, he has to endure several rounds of verbal and physical humiliation before we even get to the bedroom. For example, he has to dress in lingerie, paint his nails, and do his makeup. I like to tread on the thin line of praising him for his excellent makeup skills (he’s such a good girl) and insulting him for not doing a good enough job. So male humiliation as a kink isn’t as rare as some people of the vanilla persuasion seem to think. A male submissive often feels inadequate, unworthy, and not manly enough.

Make your slave wear lingerie over his chastity device, then have him dress in regular clothing and send him to the store. Make him buy tampons, extra-small condoms, cucumbers and eggplants with lube, and more. Whenever the slave wants something, he should beg for it. His only purpose is to serve and please you. Therefore, give him creative tasks that might earn him the chance to unlock his chastity cage. Of course, always prolong that moment as much as possible.

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