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I tried to swallow it all but a lot ran down my chin and onto my chest. He held me there till he was done shooting his load then pulled my head off and said I should hurry up and cum he had to leave. Ask your girlfriend to watch some good amateur porn videos online with you so she can learn how. The cock ring makes the difference, play with it and you’ll see it bigger and harder.

He’s still cuffed and I walk over soft dicked and rub cum on his face. He responds by licking me and sucking my soft dick. I feel it begin to get hard and to be honest I’m thinking no way-but I was getting hard again! He licked and sucked and she was telling him what a slut whore he was to let another man cum in his pussy. He had finally reached the point of no return and he started fucking my mouth and was moaning more and finally yelled out that he was getting ready to cum.

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I had never tasted my own cum before but I loved it. His face was rough and stubbly and he kissed me deep and very hard. She loved it and got off several times then told me I’d better be hard to fuck her.

amateur bj

She tells him he’s to give me the same as I gave him. My girl was more than excited when she saw this guy, when he lay alone, but quite close to us on the beach. I was 15 at the time and was up to a friend’s house. They barged in laughing and calling us fags, he immediately told them no he was sucking him he is the fag. They teased me unmercifully saying they were going to tell every one in school what they saw. I begged and pleaded not to, but I was busted, they did walk in on what looked like me sucking him off even though it was not really true.

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It’s an app that features a diverse and carefully curated selection of erotic stories. While you can do a free trial, it is a subscription service, which means you’re actually supporting the people behind the stories. There’s more than one way to give a blow job besides on your knees or with your partner lying flat. Your partner can lie back with their legs up or with bent knees. Or have them lie on their stomach with their hips up and legs out slightly, as you crouch behind them and treat them to a from-behind blow job.

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