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Went into a booth and dropped some coins. I was shocked to see gloryholes into the next booths. More shocked when i saw two guys peering in at me. then one reached in and grabbed my cock. Before i could get out three 50 something guys dragged me into another room and forced me suck them. This was near the beach and one guy had a sleazy motel room for the summer.

amateur wife bj

He was hard in no time and it wasn’t long before he was filling my mouth with another load of his juice. As time passed I even became comfortable sucking his cock when we were by ourselves. I was also married at the time, and I got my friend to start fucking my wife so I could enjoy the submissive cuckold lifestyle even more. And I was licking his cum out of my wife and his wife and they were both riding his big cock several times a week. Seeing me suck his cock and seeing how much I enjoyed it, together with the fact that I enjoyed watching her with other men, my wife realized this was the lifestyle we both wanted. Over the years my wife has gotten bolder.

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Forgot to lock the door and a black guy came in and lock the door. He took his 9 inch cock out and had me suck him while jerking the other one. He stated that he was going to fuck me while I sucked the other one. Needless to say I was sacred but excitied. I ended up with 2 more loads in my pussy that day and 5 down my throat.

I foolishly thought they meant with one of them but when they brought Ronnie back in front of me and ordered me to get him hard again, I knew I was wrong. After I got Ronnie hard again they told him to fuck me. He got behind me and in no way gently forced his cock in to my ass. They cheered him on saying harder harder, faster faster, as they sat there laughing their ass off as I got plowed. When Ronnie was getting ready to finish the second time Maxine told him to finish in my mouth making me swallow his cum as well as clean his cock off after it had been fucking my ass. You simply need to review the memory of sexy circumstances past, particularly now that she’s interesting stuff.

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He took his cock out and made me get down on my knees. I started to put it in my mouth and he told me to suck it and to run my tongue around the head of his cock. So that sort of hurt, yet I didn’t state anything. So then we were joking about something, and he made the comment goodness well you know I don’t look at porn any longer. I don’t corner him and inquire as to whether he was looking at porn, however the way that he was sufficiently shameless to quite recently offer that up like he is some lie appropriate to my face. All things considered, I pushed that away and didn’t state anything.

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