Best tease and denial cum ever

On a beautiful island in the Caribbean was a hotel for fans of sex, exhibitionist, voyeuristic, but especially chastity and denial of orgasm. This hotel was simply called the “Pleasure Resort”, it was home to single men, women as well as couples. It was a small site, offering quality holidays to visitors, who were looking for an atmosphere of sexual and erotic.
This site “high range” was reserved for those who could afford it. The cost was very high, but the promise of a vacation in the most exciting of their lives was offered to travelers. The site was directly facing the sea on a small private beach of white sand. Each day, several activities were organized by the experienced staff and attentive, always to keep the sexual context of the site. Full nudity was allowed everywhere on the site, except in restaurants. The activitiées sex was also permitted since voyeurism and exhibitionism were part of the experience. A good part of the concept of this hotel meant domination and sexual submission. The games of chastity control and orgasm were an integral part of the site. The site accepted men only, but with a special regulation: they had to wear a cage-chastity-locked by a padlock universal that all employees of the hotel, as well as the women, wore. No specific regulation had surrounded the women only, however, the wearing of the chastity belt to the one who wanted to play the role of a subject. The women who chose to wear the belt, would they also lock universal, and the key would be given to the staff of the hotel as well as the men and women who are not submitted.
A very large majority of visitors to the site were couples. Generally, it was couples who practiced chastity for a partner. In some cases, this was couples, not subject who wanted to make new experiences, take control of another person, or simply exhibitionism and voyeurism.
Mike had looked at this hotel several times and fantasized a long time about the experience. It was a single man, for a moment, he had always had a subject that he had not had the opportunity to practice a lot. He watched a lot of porn with the theme of chastity and the control of the orgasm, but his experience in the field was ultimately limited. It was an athlete who loved to run, and he possessed good qualities physical. He chose to embark on the adventure and reserved for 4 nights. On the site of the hotel the following rules for the men alone were listed:
– Men only are allowed on-site only if they agree to wear the cage of chastity.
– You can only have your sex freedom when you are alone in no time.
– You agree to give control of your orgasms and your pleasure to be employed by the site as well as to the dominant women of the site.
– Every man being surprised to relieve herself alone, without permission, will be expelled from the site without refund.
There were also rules that all should abide by:
– No bullying will be tolerated
– If a man, a woman or a couple are not interested, respect that choice
– If you participate in a game organized by the hotel, you agree to participate until the end. In the case of participation, and a refusal to complete the activity, you will then no longer participate.
The rules were very clear, Mike had read them several times, and he was ready. He put his cage chastity metal in his luggage and walked towards his hotel.
As soon as he crosses the barrier of the site, they saw what the site looked like. It was several bungalows to 2-storey with a balcony and large windows. There was a large pool in the center of all these bungalows. It does not seem to be any reception insight, however after a few seconds, a pretty woman with skin black the hosted on the site, she was a beauty and wore a short skirt very classy but sexy, as well as a white blouse, slightly transparent, let appear her nipples under them.
-Hello sir, what are your reservation number and your name he asked as she?
I’m Mike and my reservation number is in the 24521 said it
-Hello Mike, I am Nadia. Welcome to the site. First of all, the ambiance of this site is relaxed and sexy, you let that you’re close to?
-Of course, ” replied Mike, smiling while following Nadia.
-So I’m going to explain to you the functioning of the bracelets. A single man will wear a blue strap, a single woman-dominated will also be a blue strap so that a single woman dominant will be red. The couples will wear bracelets in black or white, a white strap indicates a position subjected to and a black strap in a dominant position. So for you, this will be a blue strap to indicate your status.
She began her bracelet blue and invited her than to follow her to show him her room.
The mere sight of this beautiful woman, who seemed very friendly and welcomed as giving a good impression for the future. He followed to get to the room and he had his first look at what was the site. He just saw 2 naked men walk around in a cage of chastity hand in hand with their women. One of them was naked and the other wore a bikini very small, which does not hide almost anything. Upon entering his bungalow, a beautiful blonde woman out of his room on the ground floor, she was wearing a bikini top as well as a chastity belt metal, which acted as the bottom of the bikini, its white strap indicated that she was in a couple and submitted. A woman walked behind her, a stunning Asian with an amazing body. It was wearing a bikini top but her bottom was not one of them, it looked more like a panties lace black with an opening in the center which would see his lips, she wore a black bracelet. The 2 women have made a smile and continued their way. Nadia then said it is up, I’m a month she said as Mike stared at the scene that was taking place before his eyes. She escorted Mike up to the room.
It was a large room with a large king bed, a glass-walled shower in the middle of the room and a small bathroom. He could see her balcony that had a view of the pool. While he dropped his suitcases, Nadia asked him immediately:
– You have a cage of chastity, or we have you to sell?
– I have my cage in my suitcase ” he replied.
– In this case, you’ll remove your clothes and we’ll put it.
Mike opened the suitcase and pulled out the cage of it. He began to remove his t-shirt and then his shorts. While he wore only his underwear, he had a strong powerful erection that betrayed him badly his excitement in the face of the situation.
-Let’s see this said Nadia while lowering his underwear. Well, it is a very strong erection that I see here… what do you do with it? We need to make sure to put your cage of chastity… this is the rule for men only ” she said to him. His little mischievous smile was cracking Mike, anything to help calm down his erection.
Mike didn’t know what to answer than that Nadia tried as hard to get sex in the small cage.
-It won’t work, waits for a moment, she said.
She walked over to a small freezer which contained ice bags. She took one and laid it against her sex. Mike let out a sound when the ice came in contact with her sex, but the effect that is desired by Nadia seemed to work. She managed to put its cage, and then she put the small padlock on it.
-Well Mike, you ready for your vacation. This cage may be removed by all the women of the staff, as well as all of the dominant women on the site. Nudity is permitted anywhere on the site, except in restaurants, of course, be naked or sexy usually indicates to others your desire to participate to the maximum this experience, ” says Nadia.
She kissed him on the cheek and left the room, wishing him a pleasant holiday.
Mike was already excited and her sex took up all the space of his cage. He was curious to discover the site. He put on his black speedo and went so on the balcony to get a better view of the place. He could see that all the bungalows surrounded the main pool of the site. Around the pool, there were about 30 people plus the staff. There was a good proportion of men and women and almost all were naked, topless, or dressed in a way that is revealing. He could see the bar near the swimming pool, with a few people who took a drink. So he decided to go to the site, without the further wait to find out.
He decided to start by taking a drink at the bar, to reduce the stress. There were 2 waitresses behind it. They were dressed in a very short skirt and a tank top white, almost transparent, let point their breasts through them. He commanded the beautiful blonde a beer, which she gave him while dating his chest and falling on the bar.
-You have just arrived, she said? I am Kate and I want to ensure that you love your experience. Then a blue strap… I guess you wear your cage and chastity and that you are the only one, she said, laughing.
I am the only one who said it in a burst of nervous laughter.
-In this case, you should register in the activities if you want to participate. You must simply indicate your name and room number to register your activities favorite. If you’re lucky, perhaps you’ll be selected, ” she said to him.
There were leaves reserved for dominant women, other women subject as well as the leaves for the couples. He could, however, not the powers.
She showed him so leaves with the activities of the day for submissive men or only. The activities were the following
– The victim of a contest striptease
– Sex? With who?
– Grand Prix, orgasm.
– The evening show, participant
He did not understand what the activities exactly, he asked Kate more details, to which she replied, < It will be a surprise> everything in a blink of an eye while doing brew in his chest.
He didn’t know what to do. He, therefore, decided to enter the contest in striptease, the grand prize orgasm and to participate in the show. There were about 15 names for each of the activities, its chances of being chosen were probably quite slim.
He stayed a few minutes at the pool before you see a moderator announced the winners who participated in the contested strip. There were 5 chairs set up on the small island in the center of the pool, she called the participants.
-First of all the contestants-female subject will be Jessica, Maria, Anne, Riley, and Rachel. Ladies, the winner of the contest will get tonight an ORGASM! Said the facilitator. Men participants will be Josh, Alex, Michel, Mike, and Dominic, please go directly to the chairs.
Mike had heard his name, he walked over to the chairs in the company of these 4 new friends. Three wore the white strap, indicating that they were submitted with a couple and another on the blue strap. The 5 contestants made their way towards a small hut near the swimming pool. While they waited for the participating men were to explain the rules.
-Gentlemen, the 5 participants will perform a striptease for you. A participant by subject. You can’t touch, your arms will need to remain behind the chair at any time. The stripteases will be judged by 5 members of our team. The big winner will receive an orgasm tonight! Toud’first, gentlemen, those who are not naked remove your clothes and sit back on the chairs with your cage in place. Any man who touches a stripper will be punished! So without further ado… here are your participants!
Jessica, Maria, Anne, Riley, and Rachel arrived in front of the men. One of them was the woman who remained in her room, it was Riley. She was no longer carrying a cage of chastity, but rather a mini skirt type girl, with pink stockings and a white blouse under which she wore a bra pink. Jessica and Maria wore the blue strap, and Anne, Riley, and Rachel white, indicating that they were alone. The facilitator then asked the 5 women since when had they not had orgasms. Jessica replied a week, Maria 2weeks, Anne 10days, Rachel 5 days and Riley… 29jours! The pretty blonde in his room had no sexual liberation in almost a month! The question was then asked of men, the 3 who were in the couple said 14 days, 9 days and… 77jours! One of them had not enjoyed for 77jours, not all were at the same level. The other man only replied 8 days and Mike said only a week.
The moderator indicated to participants that they could do whatever she wanted for 5 minutes. 3 staff members would find it in their performance and the winner would have an orgasm tonight, during the show. Each woman walked up to a man, to his great surprise and satisfaction, he was going to receive a striptease from Riley.
The music started and the 5 women began to dance, Mike not only focused now on the dance that he received, that of the superb Riley. She moved as if his life depended on it. After 29 days without an orgasm, she seemed to want to win the game and enjoy it at any price. She began by promptly remove her white blouse before sitting down on Mike, in front of him, stroking her pussy horny against its cage of chastity. She got up then to look while removing her short skirt. Mike could now admire her small buttocks firm that danced in front of him. She was wearing a g-string in black with her bra pink. She later returned to sit on Mike while removing her bra and threw it in the pool, her 2 breasts were now against his face. She pulled off and then her panties to reveal her pussy shaved, which was at first moist with excitement. She then began to caress the cage of Mike with her clit, clearly, she was doing everything to receive it also of the stimulation while she still could. The song ended and the facilitator asked the women to stop dancing. The winner would be announced during the show.
Everyone got up to leave and Mike says to Riley that he had enjoyed it. She replied that she had enjoyed it also. She stood completely naked, except for his black stockings, in front of Mike. She picked up her clothes and walked towards the exit of the swimming pool, or his girlfriend, the pretty Asian was waiting for him. She says to Riley :
-You seem to have a lot of fun it seems to me… if you do win not to orgasm tonight, your pussy does couriers not before a very long time!
She looked then straight in the eye
– Then you have had fun with my girlfriend? Is it that she has been enough sexy to excite your poor sex trapped in his small cage? She says with a laugh
– Riley dance very well! I call Mike, pleased to meet you, ” he said
I am Julia… or rather, Mistress Julia. It may be that we will have again the opportunity to play together ” he said
– I hope, ” replied Mike
Mistress Julia then took the chastity belt of Riley, that she had laid on the ground and started to put it back in place so that the latter begged her to let it release a little! She did not and, in a few seconds, the cage was in place.
– If you have been a good shop, you will be able to enjoy this evening! Julia Says.
The 2 women returned to their chairs at the pool. For the rest of the day, Mike was a spectator attentive to everything that was happening. He had a beautiful wife, naked with her legs well spread that is made to do oral sex by a man encagé under the watchful eyes of several voyeurs. Some were fewer exhibitionists and merely rather to caresses and kisses. Most were involved in the atmosphere of sexy simply. It was the afternoon and an atmosphere of sexy dominated the site.
Mike went to shower in the house before the meal. He dressed so nice and casual for the evening. He walked over to the restaurant to go enjoy a good meal before observing the activities and the show would be once night fell. At the restaurant, Mike was watching intently the scene unfolding at the table in front of him. A man wearing a black bracelet and was sitting with a brunette who was wearing the bracelet of subject white. This one wore a very short white skirt, and nothing else. Her nipples drilled were visible through the thin white fabric of her dress and she offered regularly to the passers-by a view of her pussy while she opens regularly the legs in the manner of Basic Instinct. It seemed a small game for the couple who certainly wanted to be seen.
After the meal, he headed to the auditorium or all of the activities public of the evening was now to unfold. The room was filling up slowly. There was a large stage at the front, but a great curtain prevented her from seeing the scene. The lights on the stage went on and Nadia who had welcomed him on his arrival went up on the stage wearing a short white dress of the evening.
-Welcome to all, we have a great evening for you tonight. The show starts with a show funny and sexy to warm you up. In the following, we will have the first game of the evening: Sex? With who?. The evening show with our participants of the day will be the last part of the evening before the orgasms of the day! To all, the good show said Nadia.
The curtain fell, and a show of sexy dance took place on the stage. The show showed a bit of nudity, but nothing too impressive. This was only the part of warming of the evening. The show ended and Nadia returned to the stage to announce the participants of the first game of the evening.
– This evening, the participants of the game Will offer a little show. A human subject or a female subject will be chosen at random and will be attached to the chair. Two domains will then take care of the lucky or the fortunate, for the pleasure of all. So, without further wait, please applaud our participating this evening… Connie!
A young woman stood up erect and, looking embarrassed she walked towards the stage. She had brown hair that came to his shoulders and an angelic face, and youthful. She was wearing a short skirt and a black t-shirt adjusted to match. Once on the scene, Nadia asked him a few questions
– Hello Connie, this is your first experience here?
– Yes, she said, looking embarrassed and shy voice.
– According to my information, you have done the challenge of the Pleasure Resort before your arrival?
– Yes, she said with her face red of embarrassment.
Mike knew what the challenge of the Pleasure Resort was, 30 days before arrival on the site, the client or the client received instructions to arrive on the site in a state of excitement advanced.
– To summarize the situation, you did not have an orgasm during the 30 days before your arrival and you have received instructions each day to keep you excited? Asked Nadia
I have not had an orgasm since 33jours, I spent the first 21 days to get close to orgasm without quite reaching it each day, and, since the last 12 days, I have not had the right to touch me.
Mike listened carefully to what Connie was saying. It was a French single for a very subject of 21 years. She did not want a normal sex life, she wanted to be a slave of his sexual urges and his desire. The questions Nadia’s allowed to know that she was bisexual, she used to visit regularly the swingers clubs and she was wearing piercings and chastity. Mike wondered what she could speak well. His thoughts were interrupted by Nadia, who took the word.
– You will now remove all your clothes and sit on this chair for you to attach.
Carrie pulled off her t-shirt and then her bra. She was completely red she liked this state of excitement and exhibitionist even though she was embarrassed by the situation. She had small breasts with each have a piercing on the nipple. She pulled off her skirt, beneath she was not wearing panties and her piercing chastity was available to all. His piercing consisted of 3 rings of metal that crossed his lips, the 2 rings on the top were used to attach a small wire, which prevented him to reach her clitoris while the 3rd lowest closed slightly her lips. On the left side, a thin thread of metal barred by a padlock prevented him from opening it. Mike does not believe that this piercing would prevent penetration, but it prevented certainly the achievement of the pleasure.
The whole crowd seemed to be intrigued by this funny, piercing chastity. Nadia was ruled out of the legs that were attached to it, offering her sex to the view of all. His arms were tied behind his back thus removing all control. Nadia, he began an in the mouth, it could not express themselves freely. At this time 2 women dressed in dominatrix came out from behind the scenes, one was wearing a black corset and a latex skirt while the other wore a body made of the same material. Hand-the one with the corset holding a magic wand and the other a leather whip and a feather.
Without saying a single word, the 2 domains over to Connie and started to lick her nipples and caress her everywhere. Connie breathed heavily with excitement. One of them walked to the sweet pussy of Connie and removed the padlock that prevented the release of the rings of chastity. It retires slowly exposing her pussy, already wet at the sight of all. The dominatrix in corset bent over immediately between his legs and began to lick vigorously, her pussy, immediately Corine let out a loud grunt of pleasure and relief. His pleasure was short-lived, she quickly withdrew, and the other dominatrix gave him a few small strokes of the whip on her pussy that only wanted to enjoy. None of the 2 women had yet said a single word, they were content to stay in the role and provide thrills to their slave.
Under the eyes of the crowd, one of the dominatrices pulled the body of her friend and asked to sit with legs spread apart on Connie. She walked over between his legs and pressed the magic wand against her pussy. Connie sighed heavily to see that as much pleasure was given to another woman, so close to her. The dominatrix reached orgasm, she quickly turned around, took the magic wand and she pressed against the clitoris of Connie. While it was moaning, unable to speak, the 2 fas saw that she was on the point of enjoying. Immediately, the stimulation stopped and the language of one of the dominatrix began to lick around her sex without the reach. This torture continued for several minutes before wearing the brace takes the place and starts to caress her pussy fully wet with a simple pen. The breathing of Connie was speeding up and her moans were lost through grunts of pleasure and frustration. The work of an expert dominatrix with the pen seemed to be very effective, it was a few seconds of orgasm when all of a sudden she stopped everything. Another naked woman came up with the parts of the piercing chastity the hand and started to put it back in place. Connie growled heavily in frustration, she was so close to the goal. A few more seconds and she would have had her first orgasm in 33jours, a humiliating orgasm in front of a crowd but still an orgasm. Eventually, she had to simply live her humiliation and frustration while the padlock is closed, taking away any hope of orgasm.
Without saying a single word, the 2 bosses left the stage and Nadia walked up to Carrie to remove the gag from his mouth and detach it. Nadia asked her if she had enjoyed the experience and Connie replied that she was so close to the goal, his face was unable to hide the frustration she had experienced. She gave his clothes and left quickly to the scene to return to sit with the other spectators.
– Did you enjoy this first part of the evening asked Nadia to the crowd?
The spectators cheered as the appreciation of the show.
– Maybe will you get an orgasm the next time said Nadia to Corine! You were so ready for the purpose!
The audience laughed from what the facilitator had just said.
– So now, without further delay, here are the participants in our show of the day. First of all, please, welcome our female-dominant: Julia. It will also help tonight, I will be joining on stage! His slaves of the day will be Mike and Riley! Please join us on the stage. Says Nadia.
Mike was in shock, he never thought to go on the stage, and after what he had seen earlier, he was very nervous. Riley, she didn’t seem at all surprised and walked quickly on the scene in the hope of receiving any form of stimulation. Julia came out of the backstage, wearing a little pair of panties in black lace, a matching bra, as well as long low nets retained by a door. Mike walked on the stage, nervous and excited about what was to follow. Nadia took him by the hand and withdrew the clothing from Mike before attaching, arms and legs to a cross in the shape of an X. It had more control to the suite.
Riley found his girlfriend Julia, who raised her skirt to tear off her chastity belt and remove it.
Once participants are in place the show started. Nadia removed her white dress, revealing under it her small breasts that pointed towards the sky and her small g-string white which was very visible on his black skin. It is then led to Julia and him retired of a slow movement, her panties of lace and spread her legs. She then took Riley and the position between the legs of his girlfriend and demanded to make her cum quickly. Riley was, therefore, between the legs of his gorgeous girlfriend who is moaning from pleasure while holding it by the hair.
Nadia walked over to Mike who was looking at the stage and cut loose the cage of chastity, saying that it would be a great reward if he managed to not get an erection while watching this scene. Without any surprise, as soon as she pulled off the cage, his sex pointed immediately toward the sky as the laughter of the crowd and Nadia. It let him know that he had already lost his reward! While Mike was watching the scene, Nadia got on her knees in front of Mike and began to caress his testicles and the turn of his sex. This little game went on for long minutes, during which Riley was enjoying Julia. Sex with Mike had not yet been touched, but he sighed heavily under the low stimulation of Nadia and the wonderful view it offered.
Julia retired from the face of Riley from between his legs, satisfied with his work. She invited then to Riley sit on the chair, legs spread wide apart and hands laid on her pussy without moving. Julia went to join Nadia and removed her panties, revealing her pussy fully shaved except for a landing strip that sat on his pubes. At this time Nadia pulled the bra of his companion, dominatrix revealing her breasts very hard with excitement.
Nadia untied then Mike and had him sit down beside Riley. She asked him to take her sex completely immobile in his hands. Mike also needed to prevent overbearing if it. Julia and Nadia positionnèrent 69 and léchèrent under the excited face of our 2 slaves. Riley had wanted to touch himself, to see his girlfriend go lick another woman, while she had not offered this pleasure from a good time up to the maximum. For Mike, this view of the dream of a beautiful black and an Asian in the position of 69 gave him an urge to masturbate vigorously. The 2 friends excited managed to keep control in the face of this show, which ended at the end of a few minutes. 2 dominates raised then, Riley then asked Mike to lick his girlfriend and approaching orgasm in ensuring that they do not enjoy… otherwise it would be severely punished.
Riley removed his hands from her pussy and Mike began to lick very gently. Immediately she moaned with excitement, obviously, it had not been touched for a long time, and every little bit of language was a great effect. In the excitement, Mike licked now vigorously her pussy deeply and then, he leaned heavily against her clit. The moans of Riley got closer, she was about to cum, Mike was realized at the last second and stopped all stimulation immediately. Riley let escaped a moan of frustration.
Julia asked him to start again immediately, which he did. Quickly she was again on the point of cumming and he stopped after less than a minute. While Riley moaned again, her legs spread dreaming of a mistake Mike, Julia ordered him to start over again. He licked very softly, he knew that every lick could trigger her orgasm. She was again on the point of orgasm and Mike stopped just in time. Riley was kicking basins to the top, trying to get the little bit of stimulation is needed to cum.
Nadia then said: It IS ENOUGH! Riley left then escape a non-out of the depths of his being. She then told him: now It is your turn. If you do ejaculate, Mike, thou shalt be heavily punished.
She walked over to the sex to Mike and began to push into his mouth. He was so excited about the situation that he was afraid to enjoy it at any time. He didn’t want Riley to be punished by his fault. At the end of 30secondes, he let out a loud moan, to prevent Riley to stop. She stopped all stimulation before starting again a few seconds later. This time, she would just lick her sex, without inserting it in her mouth to have better control over his pleasure. She was finally an expert, she knew exactly when to stop to avoid an accident. However, Mike couldn’t take anymore, Riley had to stop the stimulation for about all 20secondes not to enjoy. It is at this time that Nadia announced the end of the game.
Riley stood up and Mike was standing with his sex is still in the sky. 2 sex slaves, excited looked at each other with envy. Julia saw the scene and seemed amused by the situation. See his girlfriend get frustrate by another man before you frustrate to turn this man excited him at the highest point.
Julia then began to secure the cage to Riley, and Nadia gave the cage of Mike in place with the help, once again, a bag of ice. Julia and Riley left the stage. However, Nadia made sleeping Mike on the floor and positioning completely naked on his cage. She is now using her sex encagé against her clit. She then took the cage and put at the entrance of her pussy before taking her fingers and masturbating under the groans of excitement from Mike. She stood up then and asked him to leave the scene immediately.
He went back on his seat, as excited as ever for what had just happened.
Nadia returned to her role as moderator and announced to the party that all were waiting for, the orgasms of the day. She invited Josh to get on the stage, it was the man who had not enjoyed since 77jours. His girlfriend Érika was then invited to join him on stage. After so long, he was ready to cum in front of an audience amused. Érika was great, it was a brunette, 5″11 with big tits held by her black corset. She was wearing a panty in faux leather with a zip at the front. Nadia asked questions uses
-When Josh tells you he received his last orgasm full asked Nadia. There are 77 days answered Érika, this is our record to life.
– Have you had orgasms ruined during this period? If yes how asked the moderator.
– It got 4. 3 by a masturbation and a cage of chastity under the vibration of one of my toys. His last orgasm ruined has been there 12 days answered Érika.
– So without further ado, let’s start said, Nadia.
Érika begins by sleeping Josh on the back and then she positions on his face, her panties leather against his face and his hands against his cage. She played with his its cage for several minutes, then she rose to her feet. She then withdrew her panties which she placed on the face of his subject, only saw now what was happening. She turned to the audience, well kneeling with legs far apart over the face of Josh, who didn’t see anything. Her pussy was offered to the public, she was completely shaved except for a thin line that was her pubis. She began to masturbate as well, for all to see, and moan. Her boyfriend had a lot of difficulties keeping his hands motionless along his body, hearing the moans excited her girlfriend. Finally, she pulled off her panties with the face of Josh and asked him to lick it. She leaned forward than at the top of her cage and she pulled off the padlock. Very slowly she pulled off her sex from the cage with great difficulty since it was already hard and expanding in it.
Once its sex is released, she walked to the top of it and laid it at the entrance of her pussy. Josh was moaning already hard, he had not had the opportunity to enter her since a good time. Slowly she brought it to recovery before fondling the clitoris while he had to remain immobile in his belly. She started then to go and just very slow. In less than a minute, it was evident that he was about to ejaculate. She stood and did meet her boyfriend standing.
She knelt in front of him and positioning his head directly under his erect penis. She then began to lick testicles until the glans of a slow movement sensual. The effect was soon felt, and Josh told him that he was going to enjoy. She then took her hand and she made quick going and just to finally let him cum on her breasts still covered by her corset. The ejaculation seemed endless, he produced a quantity of sperm which covered a large part of the corset, Érika. She pulled off slowly this last piece of clothing, saying to Josh that it was now time to return to the cage. She quickly closed the lock on her sex, telling her that her next cumshot is expected to produce even more liquid… so that it should wait even longer to enjoy it again. The 2 left then the stage.
Nadia then said the last part of the evening, the orgasm is the winner of the competition of striptease. It was Rachel, a Canadian of 24 years. It had come alone on the site and in the contest of striptease that was the one that had to wait for the least a long time since her last orgasm, or 5 days. Rachel was a beautiful brunette with hair 5 feet, she seemed very athletic. She had small breasts hidden under a shirt white no bra, which let appear her nipples. She was also wearing a black skirt that came slightly below her knees, she was well dressed, but a lot less provocative than the majority of the participants previous. During his performance at the contest in striptease, it had, however, taken part in was a performance ultra-sex during which she was caressed abundantly tits and pussy on the lap of her partner of the moment. Its current appearance does guess how this woman could be sexual when the time comes.
-Then Rachel, asked Nadia, you had an orgasm 5 days ago? Since when did you arrive on our site?
– I arrived there 4 days “she replied,” I enjoy the eve.
Nadia asked him how was received her last orgasm
– A fuck friend managed to make me enjoy me kissing, and ending the work with his tongue.
Nadia made him understand that many women who had done the contest were jealous at that moment because they did not enjoy for much longer. What Rachel said, they only had to win the contest!
Without further ado, Nadia invited Rachel to make it attach to the X-shaped cross, which almost all the participants of the evening had been, at one time or another.
Rachel was on the cross, completely dressed. A man walked towards her and said: I’ll tickle, every time that you’re going to ask me to stop, you will have to suffer a consequence. Rachel shook his head and then began to tickle her thighs and then her feet. It seemed to succeed well contain. He came back up towards his hips and the side of his belly. Rachel began to squirm and cried at the end of a few seconds to stop.
Nadia walked on the stage with a bucket of water that she touches gently on his camisole white, revealing her breasts under her tank top transparent. The man began then to tickle her under the armpits, Rachel was trying not to ask him to stop, but seeing that torture cannot be ended, she asked him again to just stop. This time, Nadia went up on stage with a pair of scissors and she tore the skirt of Rachel for him to withdraw. It was wearing a small white panty which was already transparent because it was wet from the seal that she had received. The torture began anew, just as Rachel cried out to him to stop! She wanted to be punished!
Nadia returned to the stage and tore her jacket without saying a single word. She walked over between his legs and began to lick her pussy on her panties. The man began then to tickle her without any mercy, Rachel shouted to stop, but the torture only ending not. Her cries were mixed with moans of excitement caused by the language of Nadia on her pussy excited. After about 5 minutes, Nadia stood and said unto him, It may stop you tickle if you accept to get attached to our machine to orgasm. Rachel then yelled: Attach me to the machine to orgasm while laughing heavily.
Nadia untied then Rachel and her banda eyes. She then withdrew her panties revealing her small pussy sweet and horny. It was then attached on the machine to orgasm a Sybian. This machine was the most powerful that existed, it had different vibration and it guaranteed an orgasm very fast to anyone who ascended. Rachel was attached securely on it. Ropes held his legs and thighs to the ground, him preventing him from getting up. His hands were cuffed behind his back.
The machine started then, and soon Rachel began to moan. She had a lot of fun, and in less than 2minutes, she reached orgasm. The vibrations increased immediately, and Rachel screamed in surprise. She began then to moan immediately and a few minutes later, she reached her 2nd orgasm. After that, she could no longer bear the stimulation. However, even if she was screaming to stop, no one stopped the machine. She struggled and managed to slightly raise her pussy on this powerful toy. In a few seconds, she could no longer hold this position and she was forced to return to a position on the Sybian. It reached then the 3rd orgasm. The vibrations stopped, Rachel was satisfied and exhausted. Nadia walked over to her and kissed her. She then asked him to open the mouth and he had a ball gag that prevented him from speaking. The vibration started again, then to the maximum power. Rachel sighed heavily, unable to speak. She reached orgasm, and then Nadia stopped the toy, removed the gag and the blindfold from her eyes.
– You’d enjoy it there with only 5 days, you gave up quickly while you are tickled, you had to be punished. Dominantly said, Nadia. Have you appreciated about your experience?
Rachel replied that she had hated getting tickled, but the experience of the orgasms forced was entertaining and intense!
Nadia untied then Rachel that, once detached, did not have more clothes for the evening and left the stage completely naked and exhausted. She had no desire to enjoy at this moment, she was more than satisfied.
Nadia then said that it was the end of the activities for this evening and resume tomorrow morning.
Mike then returned to his room, surprised of his day, wondering what tomorrow might bring him.

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