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Blow Job Truths Every Woman Should Know

I know, I know, it feels so good and you naturally want to gyrate your pelvis into her face. Like Shakira says, hips don’t lie, but please contain yourself. She’s giving you a blowjob; you’re not having sex with her mouth.

blo job

It makes it better, you’ll see.” It was impossible to see how he could be right, but all I could do was try to persuade him through other means. Maybe if I started to rub his cock he’d be overcome by the same lust that was making my brain fuzzy. I reached my hand down and felt him, he was definitely hard. But he merely grabbed my hand and deposited back on the counter. All this to say, he wanted to give me blow job lessons, and I was ready to be a very good student. I knew that not every man was going to like what Steve liked, but I figured it would be easiest to adjust from guy to guy when I at least knew one really well.

How To Master The Art Of Blowjobs?

You can still give them a mind-blowing beej without going deep. Maneuver it toward the roof of your mouth instead. Unless your partner’s an oral surgeon, they probably won’t know the diff. Forget what you’ve seen in porn, where the penis is all big, smooth as an eggplant, and praised for tasting “oh so good” as it’s handled by an equally perfect mouth. I have been at this sport for over forty years and I can tell you that lots of research is a must. The locked door is a good thing but how the provider is dressed, her body language helps me make up my mind on if I should stay or not.

There was a lot of humour in this article I was pissing myself laughing. Don’t take yourself seriously & take direction from ur guy it will be easier for u in the long run & way more pleasurable for both of u. This isn’t demeaning if its given with love & passion. For me at 42, and after many blowjobs given to me over the years…there were a few that stuck out in my mind as “Best Ever! ” In particular one women that got it all right and whose suction was likened to that of a Hoover vacuum. She approached it like she desperatley trying to get a very thick milkshake up the straw.

The moment he runs into a girl that will swallow (and trust me there’s lots of girls out there hovering and waiting to pounce on your man), he will be out the door and he wont look back. It doesnt matter if you are married, in a long term relationship, or deeply committed, kids or no kids, etc. A womans mouth has the ultimate power over a man. My ex girlfriend had the same problem you have, the taste.

Spit Or Swallow: It’s Your Choice

That weird thing he liked might be painful to the new guy.” To sum up, each penis is a special snowflake that deserves its own specific oral repertoire. A blow job might count as oral sex, but that doesn’t mean your mouth has to do all the work. “I like to think of the mouth as providing wetness and your hands as providing tightness,” says Marin.

I’ve never seen anyone look so sexy while dicing vegetables but I couldn’t think about anything else. Watching his mouth while he drank wine was sex. If you’re that “can’t keep it in your fucking pants” couple, this one’s for you. Your guy literally just needs to be sitting down while you’re sitting next to him.

Use Your Hands

Don’t be shy — 85 percent of adults have had oral sex at some point. You know what’s worse for a woman giving a blowjob than a completely silent man? A man who blows his load without some kind of warning. Most men are guilty of committing this crime at least once in their life, so don’t even try to deny it. If you refuse to break eye contact with the top of her head while she’s going down on you, it might get awkward when she looks up.

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