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We’re also thinking about the sweat smell of balls, making eye contact, the giant drip of our own spit smeared across our face, not biting down, etc. If you’ve never experienced one, we get why you’re curious. The tricky thing is, getting a blowjob is one of those physical sensations that’s difficult to describe with words. And how one person experiences a BJ isn’t necessarily how another person with a penis does. Gives a blowjob to his stepbrother and allows him to cum in his mouth.

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There’s always an intense anxiety when you feel him come close to orgasm. For instance, every time it comes to that point, I start worrying that so much semen is going to squirt out so hard and fast that I will choke on it. But as soon as a guy starts clenching, I fill with fear. Even the most seasoned fellator has anxiety when it comes to finishing the job.

Snap decisions have to be made, fast and in the heat of the moment, which can lead to embarrassing situations, like naked runs to the bathroom to spit up. Blowjobs are a simple, sensual form of pleasure and gay men are uniquely suited to doing them well as they understand the equipment and what it takes to make a cock feel good. You’ll never see a more skillful cocksucker than a man determined to make his lover feel good, whether as a form of oral foreplay or with the goal of swallowing cum in mind. Pornkai is a fully automatic search engine for free porn videos. We do not own, produce, or host any of the content on our website. We do not control any of the websites that our system indexes content from.

But no one ever talks about these little nagging things that have to do with giving head. It’s difficult enough to bring up blowjobs around the water cooler or at a dinner party, so getting into the dirty little details can be tough. Obviously, not so for me, since I’m broaching them right now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established spitter or swallower, or how many times you’ve had a man cum in your mouth.

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Some people find the experience awkward, or say they can’t orgasm from a blowjob because there isn’t enough pressure around their junk. And there’s always the issue of teeth getting involved—ouch. A blowjob—i.e., when someone stimulates your penis with their mouth—gives you a euphoric physical sensation, but that’s just one incredible feeling it produces. There’s also the psychological arousal that comes with seeing your partner, possibly on their knees, taking your most prized possession in their mouth. There’s also an element of trust involved that could bring you two closer. After all, they could theoretically bite down on you—although we hope beyond hope that doesn’t happen, ever.

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