Chastity Humiliation Stories

I then command him to crawl around the house, naked and blindfolded, on his hands and knees in search of the key. The humiliation part is very complicated but on a base level he could tell I was humiliated by his behavior before and I had no control. Well, I guess you really didn’t need to be unlocked did you? “No, Yes, I don’t know, that hurt really bad.” I asked him if he thought it was unfair. He was actually a little out of breath and only three strokes.

You can get even more creative with sex toys. Nipple clamps, bondage gear, gags, masks, and dildos all pair up beautifully with chastity devices. Use all of these to inflict pain or increase his arousal. Use a dildo to fuck him and stimulate his prostate to the point of severe overstimulation.

Their Role In Male Chastity Enforcement

Furthermore, you need to establish safewords and follow up every scene with aftercare. At some point She must come to the realization that it’s all about the female Keyholder…. It’s all about him accepting chastity humiliation in order for Her to fully experience her female power. After discovering her husband, Martin, has cheated on her, Lucia decides that the only way to save their marriage is for him to wear a chastity cage. Martin submits to her will at first, but eventually comes to the conclusion that she is never going to let him out, prompting him to break out of the device.

So male humiliation as a kink isn’t as rare as some people of the vanilla persuasion seem to think. A male submissive often feels inadequate, unworthy, and not manly enough. A chastised male desperately needs to be cruelly controlled, indignantly directed, and un-mercilessly humiliated. Today, I decided to play very cruel with your bollocks. She has the most beautiful ass he has ever seen on anyone, and even though she doesn’t do anything overly sexual, she does just enough to keep him hooked.

However, he soons discovers his error as Lucia decides to take her revenge. I love writing hot, dirty and steamy stories of female domination. Then, 2 times a week, at the time of my choosing, I initiate a tease and denial session. If he finds the key he may unlock himself, masturbate to orgasm, and then get locked back in. If he has not found the key within the 1-hour time limit – then he does not get to cum for at least another 2 weeks.

chastity humiliation

I like to tread on the thin line of praising him for his excellent makeup skills (he’s such a good girl) and insulting him for not doing a good enough job. When it comes to humiliation, verbal abuse is the best way to achieve what you’re going for. It’s a common occurrence in the slave’s life because it goes hand in hand with submission. The objective is to make the male slave feel vulnerable, not good enough, put in his place, and ultimately, totally debased. There are a couple of important features that should be discussed.

Why Humiliate Your Slave?

So try to contain your public humiliation to semi-public or private areas that only seem public. Don’t expose the poor, misguided, and uninformed vanilla passers-by to your kinky world. However, if you notice that he’s going to orgasm anyway, humiliate him verbally while he does so, saying how disappointed you are in him and what a lousy slave he is.

Chastity Humiliation

Of course there are many other feelings associated with male chastity such as, intense sexual servitude, sacrifice, submission, slavery, etc. But male chastity humiliation is right there alongside with the rest of them. He may draw a bead from the bag any time he feels lucky. If he draws a green bead I give him sex, the bag is emptied and reset and the game begins again. If he draws a white bead he must wait seven days before he may draw again .

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