Chastity Humiliation Tips From A Real Mistress

For the more advanced hot wives, keep hubby in chastity for one week prior to meeting up with your Bull. Remove the chastity cage when the time comes for your Bull to fuck hubby up the ass. If hubby ejaculates before your Bull is done, that would be great, as he has to endure the humiliation of having your Bull continue to fuck him after he cums. If he doesn’t, and your Bull cums first, then lock his cock back up in chastity without being permitted to cum. Do not release him from chastity until the next time he puts his ass up for your Bull.

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Write him a humiliating grocery list. Make him buy tampons, extra-small condoms, cucumbers and eggplants with lube, and more. When you’re thinking about all the names and humiliating acts you could use in a scene with your slave, think (and talk!) about what he would like and dislike, and then act accordingly.

If you remove your video from its original source it will be removed from our site. – the best free porn videos on internet, 100% free. If you’re texting, emailing, or communicating in written form in general, address your slave by writing his name in lowercase letters. It’s a subtle humiliation that lets him know he’s not worthy of a properly capitalized name. His only goal is to please her (even though he knows he never could because he’s incapable and insufficient). The fact that the sub is aroused and denied a sexual outlet only enhances the gratification on both sides — yours because, well, talk about a rush, and his because it contributes to the humiliation.

Make him reveal his body parts to you in intimate and embarrassing ways, as in bend over and spread his ass cheeks for you. Have hubby pick one of your sexy lingerie sets out for you before a night out with your girlfriends. Remark what a shame it would be if no other men were to enjoy the look of it on you that night.

This one-sided exchange of money — in which the dom can spend it on whatever she wants — is a turn-on to the sub. He’s offering his hard-earned money to somebody who doesn’t even appreciate it. And all he gets is complete and utter humiliation. I’ve recently been introduced to the idea of financial domination.

Using Sex Toys

Have hubby lay against the headboard on the bed, as you lean against him or sit on your hands and knees in front of him. Then look into hubby’s eyes and have your Bull roughly fuck you doggy style so that hubby can feel the power of his thrusts while looking in your eyes. Tell one of you closer girlfriends about hubby’s sexual kinks and fantasies (cuckold/femdom/strap-on/chastity cage, etc), then let hubby know you told her and share her reaction in detail.

You’re the one who decides when your slave will get any release. If your slave has issues with his appearance, humiliate him by pointing out each and every one of his flaws. Too fat to get it up, too skinny to fuck me properly, etc. — use every shortcoming he has against him. If he has some queer tendencies, utilize that!

Femdom Mistresses Humiliating A Male Slave 8 Min

They also might make fun of the other and their self-control, or poke and grope their flesh. The feedee may be required to consume on camera food that will lead to weight gain. Get into a position where you are able to intimately kiss hubby, while your Bull fucks you.

While elements of erotic humiliation may be part of a number of domination and submission-based activities, humiliation is not the same as submission. The recipient does not necessarily seek to be ordered about. Humiliation comes into its own as a sexual force when the recipient seeks the humiliation over and above means. For example, being spanked is primarily valued because of the belittlement involved.

Put your husband in chastity, tie him to a chair, and have him watch your Bull fuck you. Afterward, with hubby still strapped to the chair, have your Bull cum all over hubby’s chastity cage and cock while you watch smiling. As you can see, the possibilities for chastity humiliation are endless. If you’re a beginner, go easy on both yourself and your male slave and work your way toward the “big guns,” such as introducing other people to your scenes.

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