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When she won another game of ‘Truth of Dare’ with her new boyfriend, Tammy’s dare for him was to dress up in feminine lingerie and take part in the lingerie fashion show she’d been invited to. Adding to his subjugation and humiliation, she invited her friends to help get him dressed and ready to parade on the catwalk as a sexy young woman. Michelle loved to stretch her submissive boyfriends beyond their limits.

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She invited Julie to take part in one of the regular weekly disciplinary sessions for her husband (Julie’s stepfather), so that she could hone her skill and accuracy with the tawse.

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All pictures are either my own or taken from public Internet resources. If some of them are yours, contact me – I’ll gladly remove them. Cruel throat fucking, ass fucking and ass to mouth humiliation for Linda Ray.

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This new one showed some real promise, so she decided to test how obedient he would be when she challenged some of his core values and lifestyle choices. Known as an angel in white on her wedding day, Caroline couldn’t wait to reveal her other darker side to her new husband. Now that her daughter had a boyfriend of her own whom she was beginning to dominate, Sandra decided to give her some training in how to properly spank a male.

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A slave made for laugh, by pretty hot girls. Please humiliate me all over the internet. DM me if you want to expose me.

Now he would have to serve both women and would likely be whipped twice as much as before for his failings. Marianne had put some sleeping tablets into her boyfriend’s drink and then had tied him up securely in a hogtie on the floor. She’d invited her friends around to have some female domination fun together, and were ready for action when Gerry woke up.

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