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The First Time A Very Personal Story

The idea of the lustful, country farm-girl-type bumpkin is really more a fantasy than a reality. One of them suggests that only 32 percent of women give fellatio out of pleasure; the remaining roughly two-thirds do it as an obligation. It’s hard to say, but it’s safe to assume that as a contemporary phenomenon fellatio took center stage as an act unto itself when it began to figure prominently in X-rated films. “Deep Throat” and Linda Lovelace had a lot to do with making fellatio almost a cultural cliché.

I wasn’t very good at bj’s when I met Mr. Nerd. So, he showed me which spots on his penis were the most sensitive and gave me feedback as I was experimenting. As I kept giving him bj’s, he’d give me feedback and I got better. Lou Paget’s “How to be a Great Lover” has very detailed, useful instructions. One key point, at least for the first few times, is to make sure he’s really hot before you even get to that part of the festivities. It’s very difficult to go wrong at that point.

My dudes, please attempt to keep your hips still when you’re receiving a blowjob. I know, I know, it feels so good and you naturally want to gyrate your pelvis into her face. Like Shakira says, hips don’t lie, but please contain yourself. She’s giving you a blowjob; you’re not having sex with her mouth. After the girl left the next morning, I go out into the common area to wake up my roommate so he can clean up the room. He doesn’t know what happened, but gladly cleans everything up.

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Most guys do not seem to feel the wet slurpy noises are gross. It’s all good, apparently, so don’t worry that much about having it be quiet. Slobbery on him, slobbery on your lips. This is not a neat activity and if your lips are dry, they drag more. Wet and slippery is really what you want, here.

Fellatio sexualizes the mouth, makes the mouth a sexual organ in and of itself. There are, after all, few things more suggestive than a highly made-up mouth. The Islamic veil can be criticized, but there’s a logic behind it. What’s being hidden is, in part, all that which is intimate.

After laughing about it with him for a while, I decide to hit the shower , only to find that my shower sandals had shit all over them. Turns out he had shit on those and wiped his ass with the sleeve of my dress shirts. I packed a bag and stayed at a friend’s dorm for the next 3 nights. Still friends with the roommate though, actually ended up living in the same building as him all four years of college. 15 and I thought all you had to was suck, so that’s what I did. There was no head motion of moving up and down the shaft, just sucking on the end of his prick like it was a straw.

Ben is on the football team and has dark hair green eyes and real hot. He asked if I saw him play and I said ya and that he is a good player. I never really been alone with him before and I kept looking at him and how hot he was making me. He asked if I was liking high school and asked if I had a bf yet. He said he and his gf broke up last month. He asked if we wanted to stop at burger place before going home and I said ya.

first bj

It didn’t take much convincing for me to lean over and start licking his penis when he unzipped and showed me his big hard-on. I didn’t really know what to do, so he pushed my head down and started fucking my mouth. I kind of panicked, but got used to it quickly and figured out how to make it work. After a few moments, he thrust deep down my throat and shot his load, which tasted very salty. I sat up and washed it down with my coke.

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Others are pressured into receiving oral sex from a drunk friend of their father. So the smart 15 year old kid I am, we walk to the back of camp, where all the old school buses sit. These school buses are practically rotting, they haven’t been used in years. I open the door, and lift my girl into the school bus.

Do a lot of licking before you ever take it in your mouth; this will acclimate you and also is, I am told, very enjoyable. You will also probably get a lot of positive feedback in the form of moans and sighs. If you want, you can take just the head into your mouth for a moment. You can do this a couple of times if it is well-received.

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