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When she won another game of ‘Truth of Dare’ with her new boyfriend, Tammy’s dare for him was to dress up in feminine lingerie and take part in the lingerie fashion show she’d been invited to. Adding to his subjugation and humiliation, she invited her friends to help get him dressed and ready to parade on the catwalk as a sexy young woman. Totally submissive, domesticated and obedient German house husband who lives in a Female-led marriage with a Dominant English Wife. A pussy free loser is not an easy thing to be.

I’m a switch but on this blog I have fun mainly with my submissive side. Rebloging and posting mainly censored porn and non nude femdom captions. Feel free to talk to me about anything. Let me know if you want anything taken down.

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Nicole had invited Joanna and her other girlfriends around for the week-end to join in with the weekly disciplinary session for her husband. Do you know why you have to eat all of this breakfast every morning, bitch? It’s because women are superior and men are inferior. This just helps to reinforce your place in the world and in my life, that’s why.

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This blog is to celebrate beautful women and some femdom related themes. I want to explore and enjoy new things. So, here’s what I like and think is sexy. I enjoy tease and denial, edging, chastity. My blog is to reflect all those things. Visit useyourimagination.bdsmlr.com I’m a 19 yo straight guy.

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This new one showed some real promise, so she decided to test how obedient he would be when she challenged some of his core values and lifestyle choices. Known as an angel in white on her wedding day, Caroline couldn’t wait to reveal her other darker side to her new husband. Joanna needed to know if her boyfriend was truly submissive, as he claimed to be.

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