Foot fetish – why we love feet

Foot fetish is a thing. It’s a world in which foot-fetishists believe they love the feet of men and women – toes and all.

Foot Fetish (or FürKlarikism) is the sexual deviance of admiring a person’s feet, according to a Newsweek feature.

Fetishists indulge in an act in which they fetishize parts of their client’s body, not even necessarily his particular body parts (like erections). They fetishize their clients’ feet by flaunting them, wearing nail polish (i.e. footpaint), squeezing their feet, or gurning during intercourse (aka pegging). (And, most definitely, pinches their feet – or, you know, whatever they can.)

The article describes a woman who recently asked the infomercial of a podiatrist if he could design her the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos. Her feet are large, the doctor told her.

Fetishists also wear wigs so they can admire their clients’ feet. Female fetishists use fake eyebrows – a feature of their male fetishes.

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One woman said her boyfriend, a man, preferred women’s feet because they were red.

Another woman, to her boyfriend, said, “You are a redhead. Your feet are a beautiful sight.”

She, of course, had blurred the redness, and this made her boyfriend all the more smitten with her.

It is both funny and bizarre to see that – as with most human fetishes – fetishes don’t often lead to actual physical desire, but still, we must ask how many people experience this compulsion – foot fetishes is just one of the more exotic fetishes out there.

It is definitely a big internet draw, much of which centers around collecting shoes to match every color in the books – to give some background context, the word pony was first used in 1599 – in massive shoes, literally as big as a horse.

The idea that shoes matched was an earlier version of the current fetish. Many fetishes involve gross or creepy fetishes, but foot fetish is definitely not gross or creepy.

No matter how many times you complain about how gross it is, the fact remains that the majority of people don’t want to inspect their partner’s feet and will never understand why.

Why would you want to look at your feet? Why is it disgusting?

Two reasons: because you are attracted to someone’s foot or you find them extremities desirable – there is no concrete scientific data on these reasons.

Some scientific research suggests that there may be a certain satisfaction in foot appreciation. A research paper, reported in Psychology Today, claims that there are some psychological differences in people who are attracted to feet, like symmetry, symmetry in posture, and symmetry in morphology.

Have you ever felt a bit jealous of someone’s feet or wondered why it is desirable to them? If you have, feel free to feel free – but do not make this “fetish.”


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