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Yet this man repeatedly tested HIV-negative until 1989, a bullet-dodging feat that would be virtually inconceivable had he been having that much anal sex. This suggests oral sex is ”low risk,” says Paul O’Malley, an official with the San Francisco Department of Health who helped document this case. But he points to another man infected through oral sex, who had fellatio with his HIV-positive boyfriend for only a few months. But, as Gold and others point out, the stakes of being wrong are much lower in those countries. In Germany, the epidemic peaks in Berlin, where a mere 8 per cent of gay men are estimated to be HIV-positive.

But don’t let that fool you – just because you know what feels good TO YOU, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll know what to do when you go down on someone else. When he’s about to blow, you need to know if you want a facial or if you will be swallowing. Some guys work this out before oral begins but in case you haven’t, this will be your opportunity to tell him where to nut. Be direct about this and don’t ask him, “Where do you want to blow? Simply tell him, “I’m going to swallow you” or “Cover my face”. Once you’ve got a good bob going, you’ll want to coordinate your mouth and hand to work in tandem.

Very Tasty Homosexuals Raw Sex And Fellatio

Slowly take in air through your nostrils and exhale the same way. One of the biggest turnoffs is to hear someone gag while he’s blowing you. Some people may not agree with this but think about it. Do you want to hear someone sound like they are about to throw up when they’re sucking on you?

gay fellatio

This is where most of the nerve endings are located and bundle. It’s also why this part of the penis is extremely sensitive. The video above offers a good visual of the different parts of the male penis.

Army Twinks Have A Enjoyment Fellatio Job

Below, I’ve broken down some of these parts and included information about erogenous zones. Giving a guy a blowjob wasn’t always something I was good at. Some of them were doozies, like not opening wide enough and scrapping my teeth against his skin. The approach I’ve used is always the same and is guaranteed to make him nut hard. My hope in sharing this with you is to pass on what I’ve learned so that you have a good time.

These numbers may seem small, but ”do you know how hard it is to become a case report? Not even the Centers for Disease Control, which collects AIDS statistics, asks what sex act transmitted the virus. That’s not to say you shouldn’t give it a try – it can be a lot of fun, giving and receiving at the same time, I just wouldn’t turn it into the main event, as each of you deserves proper attention. Some love it when you suck and lick their balls, while others are too sensitive down there and find it distracting.

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