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Some scholarships require students to meet specific criteria, such as a certain grade point average or extracurricular interest. Applications for scholarships should be submitted well ahead of the school enrollment deadline so students have a better idea of how much of an award, if any, they will receive. Betas pay for bikinis that only real men get to see. Deviation Submit your art Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. If you don’t find the solution here, then probably you will not find it anywhere in the internet. That moment when you take a creeper picture with the flash and everyone now knows you’re a pathetic pervert.

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What was about to happen would surely match the extremity of this weather, but unlike the weather, I wouldn’t be able to just walk away. Well at least this way I was checking in now and would be able to chill in my hotel room until the snow blizzard went away, stopped, or even calmed down and settled a little bit. Suddenly a part of me, quite understandably, was wishing that instead of checking out the top level coffee in the coffee shop I had instead followed on my original plan of checking in on the hotel. The big city scene on the horizon gradually disappeared and became my reality.


In the shower, he washed his shoulder-length black hair and made sure his body was completely smooth below the eyebrows. After getting out and drying off, he donned a fluffy hotel bathrobe and slippers, and walked back into his room, where he’d laid today’s outfit on the bed. Before putting any of the clothing on however, he squeezed his penis into a 1 inch metal cage and, with some discomfort, inserted a fat, black buttplug he’d purchased just for the occasion. No matter how girlish he ended up looking today, the tiny cage around his dicklet and heavy plug nestled in his bottom would remind him of what he really was. Not that anyone was likely to confuse him for a real woman in the absurd get-up lying on the bed.

I asked for a speciality roast from the Bosnian mountain region poured long and the server looked suitably impressed with my selection. I knew there would be a wait, but I didn’t mind as soon the hot speciality elixir would hit my lips, flow down my throat, and into my system. I looked at the hotel and couldn’t help but notice a funky looking coffee place across the road.

I create and reblog censored images and captions for betas, sissies, and cucks. Having shared my personal writings with my close friends, I have finally decided to share my deepest and darkest thoughts and fantasies with the world. Please feel free to continue to edit it, add stuff etc, make it as humiliating as possible by clicking on the link below to access it.

Trembling in anticipation, Dan picked up a pair of red satin panties from the bed and pulled them up his skinny legs, watching his tiny caged penis disappear under the soft fabric. It never failed to embarrass him that even with the size added by his cage, his panties easily covered the entire package. He had long since replaced all the boxers in his drawers with dozens of pairs of panties, reasoning no girl was ever likely to see what was under his pants anyway. Next, he pulled up a matching garter belt and fastened it to a pair of sheer white stockings, giving his smooth legs an attention-grabbing shine.

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I decided to head to the coffee place first as I was caffeine deprived and had taken no pleasure at all from the miserable dreck that had been served to me on my flight. And with that, the women began to clap and I began to shake my body in time. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be able to feel more humiliated but this did the job. A server dedicated to censored pictures and humiliating betas. This server is for both posting censored pictures you’ve both found and made and dealing out humiliation and giving tasks.

A lacy red bra with DD cups followed, filled with a pair of heavy breast forms that drew sharp relief to Dan’s utter lack of upper body strength. His discomfort wasn’t over however, as he still had a black, steel-boned corset to tighten around his midsection. It took a few minutes of concentrated effort, and a few squeaks of pain, but the sissy eventually managed to pull his waist in several inches, creating an almost cartoonish pinup look. Two fluffy petticoats, one white and one pink, completed Dan’s underwear, flaring out at an almost horizontal angle right from the narrowest part of his waist.

But what was to come, you know – the stuff I previewed previously, was on my mind, pushing its way up from my subconscious thoughts and into my reality. Indeed, I had certainly felt a cold snap as I took the few steps outside of the airport complex to select my ride. Much of the ground was covered in snow, a white blanket that was both beautiful and all encompassing. She took her panties and stuffed them in my mouth to muffle my pleas for leniency. The spanking continued and the crowd of women cheered and whooped as I squirmed, tears falling down my cheeks. Suddenly, Ms Stafford began to clap, slowly at first but then rapidly.

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