Humiliation leads to sexual pleasure and gratification for the dominant female. The male, on the other hand, gets pleasure from submitting, being vulnerable, exposed, and at the mercy of his superior Mistress. Real life femdom relationship is the ultimate goal of every real and serious female domination fetish lover but you probably already know that. Being in such a kinky relationship means that your life is not important anymore, but you are still alive with only one purpose and that is to serve your divine goddess. As you know, some men were insane enough and ready to get into such a lifestyle. It is terrible and hard, just like the life of a real slave should be.

real femdom humiliation

On your last visit, request that hubby wake you and your Bull up with breakfast ready for the both of you. As you can see, the possibilities for chastity humiliation are endless. If you’re a beginner, go easy on both yourself and your male slave and work your way toward the “big guns,” such as introducing other people to your scenes. Always make sure you take care of your slave after you’re done with a scene and to check in during play (especially when you’re trying something new). Two women humiliating their male submissives in public. One of the submissives is on a dog leash while the dominatrix humiliates him verbally.

Cuckold Fantasy Femdom Role

Make the slave shave his legs and pubic area. After that, he should apply women’s lotion and then get back to his household chores. Washing your delicates or polishing your boots are always good little chores. You can also make him carry you around, or you can ride him like a pony. He can serve as a piece of furniture or service you in a non-sexual way — by painting your toenails or massaging your sore muscles. You can also fall back to the trusty nicknames that the toxic males have used to catcall women for decades and even centuries.

He plays with my pussy his hand stroking his own cock in pleasure. He cums again making sure for it to go inside and around my pussy. I’m tired now and he leads me to the bed where he lays me down. He cuffs my arms above my head, and a waist strap, pushing my legs apart roughly. He slides a butt plug in and out of the opening making it wet from my own pussy juices.

Remove the chastity cage when the time comes for your Bull to fuck hubby up the ass. If hubby ejaculates before your Bull is done, that would be great, as he has to endure the humiliation of having your Bull continue to fuck him after he cums. If he doesn’t, and your Bull cums first, then lock his cock back up in chastity without being permitted to cum. Do not release him from chastity until the next time he puts his ass up for your Bull. Orgasm denial or other types of orgasm games can be humiliating and dehumanizing for some men- “Your cock and your orgasms are mines.

Roleplay Femdom Ideas

You can even humiliate a guy by making him wear clothing or accessories in public. Make him shave his legs before he leaves the house. Woman’s perfume can be especially effective as you send him out to do the shopping. But if that’s too much for you or you prefer light femdom, you could simply incorporate it into dirty talk, pretend to text another guy, or use a toy to compare to your man. Describe the men you meet who might make a good bull. You can even go someplace public and flirt or dance with another guy.

Chastity Humiliation Tips From A Real Mistress

Phone/Cyber Femdom — While most of these femdom ideas are best when done in person, you can try a lot of them over the phone or Internet. Video chats make it especially easy to see what your partner is doing and can be useful if you’re in a long-distance relationship or one of you is currently traveling. Consider making him prepare for anal play by cleaning and shaving and perhaps inserting a plug as he goes about his daily business. Then he’ll be ready when it comes time to penetrate him anally. Make a Mess — From spitting to golden showers, you can remind your partner who’s in charge – you! These femdom ideas aren’t for everyone, so it’s okay if you skip them.

Here’s another tried and true power exchange role-playing idea. As his boss, you have all the power. If you stick to the school setting, you can be the principal, but you can just as easily play like you’re alone together in the office after hours. As a bonus, you can grab anything that might naturally be in the room — a ruler, for example — to use during your sexy play. It might take a bit to figure out how to make your commands and punishments work over the phone, but brainstorming can really get your juices flowing. Plus, you can enlist your partner to come up with femdom ideas as well as appropriate punishments.

She climbed out of the car without comment and walked toward a battered, graffiti written metal door. She pulled out a key and opened the deadbolt. Without comment, she led him into the darkness of a narrow hall. “Crawl to the door and clean the floor with your disgusting body as you do.” He began to crawl, pushing dirt and debris ahead of him into a pile. When he reached the door he was panting, sweaty, the dirt sticking to his skin.

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