I Love To Humiliate My Husband

By contrast, if the dominant and other dominants think of the sub with disdain (whether real or in role-play) and sometimes kick the sub who is on the floor, then that may be a worm they are kicking. Genital torture can be carried out in a range of light to heavy activities. The kink or fetish of genital torture is exactly what the name of it suggests; the genitals are tortured by various implements and activities, as agreed between the Mistress and submissive. A great session for a person that would like to switch off from the general day activities and loose control for a time. It involves being restrained, blindfolded and gagged.

But the slave would be left wondering if anyone has recognised him. She could even use it as a device to encourage more effort saying ‘I have posted your profile and if you want it removed you will have to demonstrate a vast improvement’. And of course she may not even have done it at all. I have used the terms consensual and non consensual slavery and it requires me to give some explanation of these. Miss Bellemare is Swedish by birth but has lived in Holland for the past thirty years. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s she worked as a professional Dominatrix during which time she came into contact with literally thousands of submissive men.

As my slave your time will be spent assisting me with a variety of domestic chores such as cooking, cleaning or shopping for example. You will undertake admin duties to assist with my schedule when required and you may sometimes be required to work with other slaves which I expect to be done in a professional non competitive manner. Slave Training – You are, or want to be a good slave, but don’t know how. This is a much more immersive experience than just playtime in the dungeon and requires a full commitment.

I Love To Humiliate My Husband

You administer this first part of my punishment as I whimper with hidden delight, pretending I hate it. By the time you have finished my once-pallid bottom is glowing a healthy shade of pink. And, I think, I like the feel of it on my bottom. I fetch them, bring them back to You on my knees, and kiss each as I hand it to You. I get up and curtsey again then pirouette, faster this time, so my dress and pettis fly up and show of my satin ruffled bloomers.

mistress humiliates male slave

Description Seeking to find white male slaves to live on a slavefarm run by a superior black Goddess. I am a beautiful, superior, strict and harsh Black Female Domme seeking white slave males to Own as property in real life on my slave farm. At present, I live several hours outside of Accra, Ghana. Years ago I lived in America in the state of Alabama so I am well-versed in Western views, thoughts, expectations and amenities. For many years it was my dream to build and run a slave compound modeled after the OWK , but based on my conception of FemDom and male slavery. The OWK was, ultimately, a failure due mainly to poor management and conception.

Rules Of The Female Led Household

I have seen other D/s couples where I was pretty sure their relationship could weather just about anything, because of the love and trust they shared. And so it continues, with You caning, me counting, thanking You, and begging for the next, until either You are bored or I have had enough and beg You to stop. I stand up, rubbing my flaming bottom through my pink satin bloomers.

Once these pandemic is over we can return to real-life humiliation. I will go for the type of humiliation I wrote about in my latest books? Not the cuckold parts, but the rest would be wonderful. I can spot fakes, frauds and liars from a mile away. If you are not serious and willing to contribute financially, do not waste my time.

Being taken to the beach in a female swimsuit, taken out dressed in many different ways including sissy dresses etc. Being taken for corset, girdle, chastity belt and bra fittings. Over the years she feeds on Dominating me and i have completely lost any will to resist her orders or treatment of me both in private and in public. Any failures on my part to please her request are met with swift and harsh discipline or some type of public or private humiliation or embarrassment.

Owning And Training A Male Slave A Guide For Dominant Women By Ingrid Bellemare

The worm dynamic may seem very undesirable to many subs. The answer to why is unique to the individual. Why do any of us want to be the type of subs we are? As long as it is safe, sane, and consensual, then a worm should be free to explore his identity and desires.

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