I turned my husband into a slave

From the beginning of our relationship, my husband often spoke to me about his fantasies of submission. He wanted me to dominate him sexually, but that did not interest me because it was not part of my fantasies, and I listened without giving him satisfaction on this point.
And then there was a turning point five years ago. I discovered that my husband, to live his fantasies, would see professional dominatrix during his travels. Indeed, one day, when he returned from one of his travels, I noticed that he had marks on the buttocks and that he had nipples skinned. I began to search his belongings, check his e-mails, and realize that he had correspondences with professional dominatrixes and that he saw them. Sometimes. I felt betrayed, scorned, and thought of asking for a divorce. After two weeks of reflection, I concluded that despite that, I loved him. If he wanted to become a slave, he would become mine, but on my terms, and he would pay for his lies and his infidelities.

I inquired on the Internet, and I prepared my revenge. And then, one day, on the return of one of his work, I informed him of my discovery. He seemed embarrassed and did not dare to reply, the evidence was overwhelming, and I spread it on the living room table.
So I learned that during his appointments, he was tied in all sorts of positions, flogged, pliers resting on his balls and breasts, he was crossdressed and sodomized with dildos belt. I also learned that he fantasized about wearing a chastity cage, and I asked him to order one on the Internet and arrange to choose a comfortable model because it would have to wear it permanently. He decided the “Desire de Gerecke,” which has the advantage of being solid, hygienic because very airy. Also, I find it much more aesthetic than plastic cages that have the disadvantage of being quite fragile.
I turned my husband into a slave
Since that day, his sex organ is permanently imprisoned in his cage; it is out of the question for him that I use his cock again. His ejaculations are very rare. I still leave him the leisure to enjoy from time to time even if it costs me because I know that after, he is always a little less submissive. To manage these little moments of pleasure, I developed a small game based on two dice. If he makes a double one, he has the right to enjoy; otherwise, he will have to wait several days equal to the sum of the two dice before he can try his luck again. If my little one subjected to fault or disobedience the days before, I then decide that the result of the two dice is multiplied, which lengthens the time that can be increased to 36 days or a little more than a month. With this system, the most extended period without ejaculation was six months, which is already a lot for a 35-year-old man who used to masturbate once a day. When he has earned the right to enjoy, I always proceed in the same way, I attach it face down on the table in the living room, he drops his thong on his ankles, he smeared his little Vaseline hole, and I start to sodomize with a strap-on that I had made him buy. The session of sodomy can reach half an hour, only his cries, his groans, his moans of pain or pleasure condition my ardor. His three-piece service is still at this stage imprisoned in the chastity cage. Once removed, he must suck the dildo out of his buttocks. I take, we must admit, a lot of pleasure now to see my husband suck the god who had often blamed me for sucking it too rarely. Then I get him on all fours on the table. There, after having thanked me for my sodomy session, I finally removed his chastity cage. I put a pair of Mappa gloves for cooking (it is out of the question that he feels my bare hands on his cock), and sitting perpendicular to him, and I start to milk. It must be said that after his periods of abstinence, the movements back and forth on his udder last only a short time. He then cum in the small container that I slipped under his penis. Once the milk is withdrawn, I clean him and he rests the cage for an unknown duration. He must then, always on all fours, lick the contents of the container until there is no longer a taste.

These sessions of sodomy became, I think, for him a blessing because they announce the proximity of the session of feature, and it is necessary to admit well that at thirty-five years, these long weeks of abstinence are abominable. Not a minute can not touch the sex. The latter only serving him to urinate and still like a woman sitting on the toilet. No more touching, caressing, or erection possible. Therefore, I realize that he lives only for those moments where he will be only female raped and submissive.
A few times, usually once a week, I enjoy spicing up his periods of chastity. I tie him on the bed, removes his chastity cage, and I enjoy stroking his noodle, shake it, lick it bite, then I present my sex shaved over his erection. This sex that he has no longer the right to enter for five years, and that makes him die of envy. The session lasts half an hour to an hour, but at no time is it entitled to enjoyment. When I feel that I have excited enough my slave, I put an ice bag on the testicles to make him disband and caged.
This is all that remains as sexuality to my little slave. As for me, I do not deprive, and I love it when he spends hours caressing me, massaging me. I take a crazy pleasure when he licks my clit and anus, and if I want to feel a penis in my pussy, I then make him wear the dildo belt that I use to fuck him, and he must then make love to me. It makes me cum so many times in a row while his sex tries desperately to bend in his steel cage. I love to feel it filled with desire for me without being able to relieve myself like any other man. But is not that what he wanted?
Apart from that, I force him to epilate the whole body thoroughly. He must talk very regularly to stay utterly smooth because I find it much more aesthetic. And this especially since I have very quickly removed all his underwear male. As he told me that he liked to be disguised, I forced him to wear women’s underwear all the time. So he goes every day to work in thong, bra, garter belt and stockings under his clothes city.
For five years, he is the one who takes care of household chores: cleaning, laundry, cooking. He has to wash my underwear by hand — prohibition of putting them to the machine. I want him to strip in his cage while he is busy cleaning them with love. It’s crazy the time I can recover since he maintains the house. It allows me to go out with my unmarried friends. I am, of course, very often courted by many men during these outings. I have responded many times to advances and have had many lovers to date, and I tell, of course, in detail to my little husband appointments while he licks and cleans after.
Three months ago, I asked him to look for a dominate man who would turn him into a little slot. After some research, we made contact with a gay and domineering man who kindly undertook to train him. Since he will see him once a week on average, he is trained to obey this man and to be used sexually as a real female. Among other things, this man organizes parties with friends to him during which my husband is used as a vacuum ball, he must then suck all the penises that come, and his ass is made available to all guests. It has already happened to him to be the toy of about fifteen guys, and when I get it, he has the asshole completely fucked.
Despite this, I feel that my husband is the happiest of men.

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