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When my alarm clock rings nervously at half-past six this morning, I press the 10-minute snooze button and turn around again. My daily schedule is already buzzing in my head. Get up, have breakfast, feed calves, collect eggs, muck out stables and finally sweep the hayloft. I often work on the farm during the semester break. The farmer’s wife and her husband are always looking for students to help them with their farm work. For the time being, most also stay in the rooms that are provided to us. In total there are eight rooms with a bathroom, not large but clean, cozy and for a short time perfectly fine. After ten minutes I still get up drunk and go to the bathroom. cold water in the face, hair together and brush teeth. I put on my shirt and a fresh Shirt and strip my already worn Jeans over and slip into my boots. I walk down the stairs into the kitchen. The others are already there. We are currently 11, most of them from the nearby area. Of the eight rooms, only four are assigned. One to me, one to Andreas, 22-year-old Student, Clara, 17-year-old student, and Mia.
Mia is 24, my age, is studying veterinary medicine and doing her internship here. She looks incredibly good in her way. The short dark Harre has the I-just-got-up Look. She seems as tired as I am. Completely absent, she sips the coffee she clutches tightly with both hands. Suddenly she looks me in the eyes and I am embarrassed because I had stared all the time and was still standing in the door. “You look like you could use one,” she says. She gets up and walks towards the coffee machine, but I am faster.
At the same time, we reach for the cup and a short Moment our fingertips touch. We both shrug and the cup falls to the ground and breaks. I am frightened and then have to laugh. “I think it worked better than a coffee,” I say with a smile. Nevertheless, I take a new cup and let me out a coffee. While the machine is buzzing in front of me I clear away the shards. I have the feeling of being watched and turn around for a moment and look up into Mia’s eyes. These big, blue and cheeky eyes flash at me from above and she has a grin from one ear to the other. “Why are you grinning like that?”I ask. “Well,” she says, “I think your pants need a belt.”I reach back and can feel that my underpants lookout. My face gets hot and I realize that I am turning red.
The others were so engrossed in their conversations that they didn’t notice. I got up, pulled up my pants and said quietly, “good thing I put one on at all.” She was so taken aback that I could use the Moment to grab my coffee and take an Apple to leave the kitchen with this breakfast.
My daily schedule stored in my head says that I have to feed the calves. One of my favorite tasks. I go to the boxes and take the bucket with the nugget and start. The little ones suck with relish and give a loud smacking of themselves. While they drink I always stroke them over the head and through their still soft fur. After everyone is full I go to the chickens and collect the eggs. Together with Andi, we scare the hens from their places to steal their eggs. We bring the eggs into the House.
After I have cleaned out the stables I go to the kitchen. Most of them are already sitting at the table waiting for the food to come to the table. Today at Noon, there are potatoes with spinach. The food here is fresh and delicious and free. We fill our bellies and then go to work. The last thing to do today is to sweep the hayloft and clean it up. For our tasks, we are always divided at least in two. I do the hayloft together with Mia. Although I’ve been on the farm for almost two weeks, I haven’t worked with her yet. I had somehow longed for it.
In the two weeks, I had enough time to watch her and felt attracted to her. Today I wanted to get closer to her to know if I would manage to seduce her.
I climb up the ladder to the hayloft. When I reach the top I am out of breath. It is warm outside and the heat has accumulated on the hayloft. Also, there was dry air. Both intensified the smell of the dried grass that was stored here in bales.
When I got off the ladder, I sucked the smell deep and exhaled for a long time. Then I took off my shirt and rolled up my pants a little. Mia was not there yet. I grabbed a pitchfork and began to collect the hay that had come loose from the bales. I started to sweat and was annoyed that I already had my water empty. Suddenly I hear Mia behind me, who just hit the ground. I turn around and immediately know why it took longer. She had changed. She had exchanged her long trousers for cropped Jeans and the Shirt under her shirt she had taken off and tied a knot under her chest with the ends of the shirt. She had a backpack with her, which she put down.
She throws me cold water that she had in her luggage. “Looks like you could use that!”. I am grateful for the refreshment and greed for the cold. I drank with large gulps and exhaled loudly a “thank you” out. She also throws me a towel, with which I first dab the sweat from my forehead and then wet it with water to drive it through my face. Then I lay it down, still wet in the neck. Then I get Mia a pitchfork and gave it to her. “Thank you for cooling down, but the floor does not make itself”, I say in an inquiring tone and with a mischievous smile on my lips. She salutes and says ” Yes, Boss!” and immediately begins her work.
After an hour of work, we take a break. We sit on the hay bales I take water from the backpack and open it. Due to the heat, the carbonic acid had expanded and the water bubbled over and we both got wet. We screamed and fell into loud laughter. I watch as her facial muscles contract and her eyes open wide and she then squeezes them. Her mouth is wide open and I can see her white teeth and flashing tongue piercing. She has clean skin and is already slightly tanned by the sun. Her chest lifts and lowers as giggling sounds come out of her throat.
I can’t help but finally kiss her. I take her face between my hands and our lips touch. Then there is silence for a short second. We stare at each other. When I can see that she is not trying to fight back I kiss her again, more intensely, more passionately. I dare with my tongue in her mouth and feel her Piercing. While I kiss her I take the towel and spread it out on the hay. I untie the knot of her blouse and drive through her hair. When she moaned softly as I kissed her neck, I can’t think of anything else. I want her and she kisses me deeply. A tingling sensation spreads throughout my body. I itch in my fingertips and I can no longer hold myself. I gently push her back so that she falls backward on the towel and lies with lustful eyes in front of me and looks up at me. I pull her pants down and drive my Hand into her panties. I nibble on her earlobe and lay over her. I kiss her neck and open her bra. With my mouth, I hang on to her nipples for a moment and then wander down over her belly button to the pubic area. I spoil her and enjoy hearing her moan and seeing how the Lust flows through her body. When the Twitch under me briefly becomes stronger and then slowly ebbs away I can not resist a grin. I kiss her again and say ” we should go on, otherwise we’ll never finish!”
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