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There is absolutely nothing you can do, you’re as helpless as a baby, and you are going to be a helpless baby for the rest of your life,” the voice sneered. “Mother only vacuums once a week, that is on Mondays, today is Wednesday, the furniture will not be moved for another five days, father goes to Egypt tomorrow, the rings are going with him,” the voice stated clearly. Being unable to talk was the most frustrating thing I had ever known, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t say one single understandable word.

“Why don’t you put her in the nursery, you know how she loves playing with the real babies, that always cheers her up,” Susan suggested her grin growing wider. “She is really taken by the colour of those rings mum,” Susie said as she dropped me in her old baby buggy. “It’s all right mum, I’ll strap her in her buggy, you put those rings in the safe.” Susie grinned carrying me over to her buggy. “No baby they’re not toys to be played with,” mother admonished me. Then I noticed what mother had in her hand, it was the wooden box, she had the rings in her hands. Waves of elation swept through me, she must have realised that we had changed minds.

Panic rose higher, I threw myself on to the mattress, I laid on my face, feeling and hearing the protective rubber sheet, and reached through the bars. I was just able to touch the carpet with my finger tips if I really strained, relief washed over me, I felt the ring, but try as I might I just I couldn’t pick it up. Panic reared it’s head once more, as soon as I retrieved the ring I would rub it and get back inside my own body I decided. I pulled the mattress back to give my small body more room and I reached through the bars again to where I thought I felt the ring, my hand frantically searched the floor.

Eventually, her daughter let out a burp, which made her blush. She picked up her daughter and sat down on the couch, placing her on her lap. Shaking the bottle a bit, Melissa placed it into Jennifer’s mouth and her daughter started to drink the milk inside.

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However they had ensured my baby status was still confirmed by dressing me in a pink bunny baby-gro. Every part of my body except my face was covered in pink fluffy material, a pair of false bunny rabbit ears flopped around on my head. In devilment Susie had even painted my nose pink, and drawn pink whiskers on my face. Mother and Susie delighted in my appearance when they put me in my cot and drew up the sides. The room was in semi-darkness now, a baby light glowing in the corner “in case babykins was scared of the dark” Susie had giggled. “Ok David, let’s see your baby act, gurgle sweetly for us or else your going to Welfare ha ha ha,” she mocked.

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A short story about Emily, a 12-year-old girl who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of using the potty. “Since you had wet yourself, I picked up these for protection,” her mother answered, pulling out a pack of Depends from the bag. After being changed and carried downstairs, Jennifer was placed into her playpen. Her mother had to mow the lawn so she left Jennifer alone, figuring that she won’t cause much trouble.

On the floor was a feather duster covered with dust and cobwebs. She looked ahead and saw three boxes stacked together, each of them saying “Goodwill” on it. When she picked them up, something fell out from a hole underneath the bottom box. After driving down Main Street, she turned left on Meadow Lane, where her house resides. After driving down a couple of blocks, she parked her Corvette next to a two-story blue house.

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It was almost embarrassing to see my old body crying. “But as we know who is actually in that baby body I guess we will have to treat him differently,” she said. I shuddered as her words confirmed my concerns as I imagined myself among my friends, only this time looking up from a stroller whilst being treated like baby. She took me into the lounge where mother was waiting.

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She was watching a documentary about legendary rocks. It was the only thing that made her forget the fight she had with her mother, but it was still lingering on her mind. She was about to turn it off when the documentary started to show something that interested her. It looked a purple gemstone with pink streaks on it. Jennifer picked it up off the floor and took a closer look on it.

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