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We both thinks cocks under eight inches should be in chastity and the person should eat pussy instead of fucking.” Becky said. We all made our way to John’s office and once there John advised his secretary to hold all calls for the next two hours and he was not to be disturbed unless it was an emergency. On my way my secretary tries to flag me down reference to some messages I have for me but not wanting to upset Ms. Thomas I quickly advise my secretary that I am busy until further notice and if I am needed for an emergency to please contact the new intern Ms. Becky Thomas immediately. “Silence wimp. That LITTLE issue you have going on will not be an issue for much longer if I have anything to do with it. Now get the fuck out of here and do not think I won’t be checking up on you and no going into the little boys room to jack off wimp. Do you understand me Loser.” Ms Thomas yells loudly. “Yes Ms Thomas I understand and will go complete Rebecca’s filing.” I said while getting to my feet.

I am a little jealous of you as I almost found myself wanting an autograph but poor tommy was flooded with people wanting autographs. I am actually excited to meet him tomorrow night.” Mr Adams said. John then told Becky they would have a dinner meeting tomorrow night and Becky inquired the use of a company car as she explained she drove a 1987 toyota. John said yes as managers which she would be considered now she would receive a car which he would make sure she had by tomorrow afternoon.

Spoiled Bratt Uses Loser To Do Her Chores

I am sure she will be pleased to receive this bonus from your first day improvement and maybe she will reward you too.” Mr. Adams said and the turned and walked away. Once the bags of shoes were put in her hallway and the two coffees and muffins were thrown away I was advised that Ms. Thomas would drive me to work in my company car as I would not be needing it for the next few day. I finally get of my knees and turn to find her dad but I soon find that her dad has been standing in the doorway behind me watching the two of us. As he looks at me I can tell he thinks I am a complete loser and wimp. It turns out Mr. Thomas is 41 years old and I am 38 years old.

femdom office humiliation

“Make sure when you clean my blue Nikes you get all the dried crusted dogshit off the bottom and out of the treads wimp. Those are my dog walking shoes.” “I was just complimenting Timmy on his work ethic when you walked in Daddy. I mean I watched Timmy work all day in these heels and my feet are killing me. I bet if Carly who you think is a bitch were in my place she would ask Timmy to rub her tired feet.

Chastity And Hot Girls Have Power

I know all about you submissive foot fetish guys and know you want that dead skin from my feet. After John learned the function of a chastity device he said that Jenna (my ex- wife) said that I had a foot fetish and more than once she caught me jacking off to womans feet. John advised Becky that he agreed that I should be in chastity but Jenna probably did not know what chastity was. Although it was true I could not lose this job. I wanted her gone so bad and now he was hiring her and he was paying her $1500 more a month then me!.

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He went on to say he feels Becky although very young he feels is the perfect candidate for the job. He continued there is no doubt in my mind that when you start your new position tomorrow I will probably see you working harder when I arrive than you ever had here before. While your employee is working his ass off you’re going to be making more than him of course because you will be in charge of his duties and hours but since I am only giving you one full time employee I figure you will have time to pretty much do as you want. Becky starts laughing and said well I didn’t “dorkboy” bought all the supplies from his paycheck from his part time job at Burger King and did every second of cleaning. While continuing to laugh she said that usually while dorkboy was cleaning her and her boyfriend and few fellow cheerleaders and their boyfriends would be partying in the trainers room down the hall with pizza and beer.

She said since I didn’t get the money now she couldn’t hire a maid so housework became my job. It was not unusual for me to come home after a long day and my wife and one of her friends would be lying by our pool and my wife would say to me “Hurry up and eat something this house is a pig stye and my car needs to be washed too.” Her friend would chuckle. I really did still love my wife she was so hott and I loved going out in public with her and saying she was my wife.

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