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The erotic massage, a gesture as old as humanity

Erotic massage has existed since the dawn of time, and the ancient civilizations that were aware that the touch was developing the desire, is combined with scented oils to solicit the senses and immerse the lovers in a universe with a voluptuous…

Rituals which are still practiced today

Even today, we reproduced a number of rituals derived from ancient cultures in the evenings “seduction”. The bathroom is lit by a candle, a massage with scented oils, or even decorate a sensual way to his bedroom, are all factors that are effective to unite as a couple in the sweetness of caresses, and for practicing an erotic massage.

These rituals and erotic massages are inspired by the time Greco-Romans.

Why do an erotic massage?

Because the erotic massage is a good way to discover her body and that of the other, as the author says. The erotic massage brings relaxation and well-being while enhancing privacy and trust within the couple. But also because the message that it be erotic or not is “the way toward health”. It is the father of medicine 

For some, the caress is the form of healing the most ancient to the body but also for the soul. The man would need to feel good, valued, and to unload the weight of the stress accumulated in daily life.

How to do an erotic massage?

The points of sexual stimulation can be solicited in different ways: gentle touch, light touch, friction, kneading or pressure. However, an erotic massage does not limit itself to the stimulation of only those points. You can also practice good erotic massage by stimulating the erogenous zones by stimulating any part of the body.

Example of erotic massage:

  • Sit down at the right hand of your partner and place your hands parallel on the left buttock of your partner.
  • Proceed to the caresses are gentle with the right hand then the left hand alternately, from the exterior to the interior.
  • Pull gently up to the shoulders, with slow movements and more and more supported, as if a stream of him walking in the back.
  • Proceed the same way on the other side of the body.
  • Ask if the pressure is suitable. If you prefer it stronger, it is better to avoid the upper part of the body. Your hands will learn all only add to the pressure.