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We update our porn videos daily to ensure you always get the best quality sex movies. She now is only wearing a garter belt, nylons, and ultra-high heeled sandals. The act of revealing her perfect body with well-shaped breasts, small waist, long legs and smooth skin, has increased my desire even more. She is half sitting, half laying on the bed and beckoning me.

I really crave for having everything feminine applied to me, also in an extreme. And if it looks slutty, I don’t care. To achieve a feminine figure, I have big silicone breast forms, and corsets, which I can lace down to nearly 20 inches. I like to wear killer heels, garter belts, and stockings. A tight top emphasizes my figure, and a black leather mini skirt is so short, that the tips of the straps are visible when I walk or bend over.

First, I experience high and long-lasting sexual stimulations, which remain unsatisfied. Secondly, my princess trains me as her feminized lesbian lover. This includes worshipping her perfect body, a lot of tenderness, and, several times each day, licking her sweet, cute, little spooky. She also might allow me to take her with a strap on dildo, still securely locked. This gives her wonderful orgasms, to which she is entitled.

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I am male, 100% straight, and full of fetishes. First of all, I dream of being a woman. Well not really, I like to remain male, but be pressed, forced into the form, the shape of a woman.

Unpopular measurements to reach this goal are appropriate, such as spreader pants, heel-less ballet heels, and bondage mittens. Every time I give up a piece of my old ego, I am praised, since I am incapacitated a bit further. Nevertheless, mommy loves her baby and takes good care of me, sees to it, that baby is always a cute little girl, perhaps even pretty. Proudly mommy likes to present her little daring to her female friends. What an amusement they have to see me in this predicament, and they have much fun to impose their will on me! They really enjoy my babyfication, without their helpless plaything being able to prevent anything.

It is my destiny, fulfilling all her sexual needs and being kept chaste myself. I want to be a good boy – or rather a good girl – and always behave well. I want to respect the dignity of women by not penetrating into them. In addition, I will never insult any woman again by handling myself. For the benefit of womanhood, what is also in my own interest, I will have no more orgasms, not even any erections.

My reined sexual urge fills my body with joy and delight, which makes me feel happy. At the same time, overwhelming gratitude rules my spirit. My selfishness is replaced by the needs of the loved person, the woman, who takes such good care of me. I want to wear a chastity device, which ensures my discipline. The support it gives to me is very important. It protects me from wanted and unwanted sex alike; but most of all, it protects me from myself.

I love my chastity device and never ever want to be separated from it again. It has become a dear companion to me. Crossdresser in dress masturbating and anal toying prostrate in the woods.

When I use a toilet, I must sit like a female, like the women I adore so much. These restrictions bring me a new way of life and keep me aware of how lucky I am. Having my penis firmly confined in the chastity tube holds it in proper position – pointing down – all of the time. This is so natural, so relaxing, and comparable to a bra, which gives womanly breasts an easy support.

An adult baby has no control over anything, not even over such basic things as using a toilet. She is 100% dependant on a dominant woman. I enjoy my mommy training me to be her little baby girl, a so-called sissy baby. The age regression is enforced, and mommy consequently transforms me to be completely helpless. The protest is ignored, refusal useless, and resistance impossible; baby simply has no choice. Mommy puts me into nappies, breast and bottle feeds me, and dresses me in a very infantile way.

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Instead, she starts with the foreplay, tenderly caressing me in sensitive places, such as my inner thighs, my checks, and other places. She knows exactly how to stimulate me despite already being very horny. I am so turned on, that my sissy clit starts dripping of pre-cum. But that, of course, doesn’t give me any relief. The slimy film just helps my “clit” to fill up the tube to a maximum, with the effect of additional arousal.

It keeps me safe from having nasty fantasies taking control of me, leading to those cheap, selfish bodily pleasures, which must be prevented. Nevertheless, your genitals will not be removed. The testicles will be hidden deeper inside, and your penis will be incorporated along your crotch and firmly sewn in place.

Be very feminine on the outside, my looks, behavior, attitude, character, etc., but biologically still remain male. Next, at the same time, I am into restrictions of all kinds, bondage, and also very tight clothing. Last, I have a submissive nature, which includes a fondness for humiliation. These characteristics of feminization, restriction, and submission form a three-way symbiosis, which are inseparably combined by my fetishes. Though, I like bondage and discipline (B&D;) very much, I am not into S/M. The training and the necessary measurements may be uncomfortable, but never shall they hurt.

I experience more and more satisfaction, the longer I remain chaste. I enjoy the intense feeling of being locked. Without it, I would feel helpless and lost. My body has adjusted to the comfortable support holding my penis. Anyway, no removal is possible, and that must be ensured at all times. I have to sit differently, stand differently, and walk differently.

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