Nothing more arousing then a beautiful woman teasing her slave while he is wearing his chastity cage. Look how she enjoys it.
There are a couple of months ago, we were spending 10 days in Florida, specifically in Miami. It was one of our first trips since we were a couple and the first since we practice chastity male. I’m going abstract here how took place the most exciting moments of our trip. Maybe my story will make you want to live a journey as we have experienced them?
First of all, let me put you in the context in the weeks preceding this trip. As I knew that we were going to have 10 days to full, together, all the two to be able to play as we see fit, I decided to get in the right state of mind.
During the 3 weeks preceding our departure, I did stay in her small cage for a large part of the time. I’ve only released 3 times to play with his member! No ejaculation in freedom for Marc during these 3 weeks. I wanted to leave excited and frustrated, is the right state of mind for everything that I had in mind! Besides, I had greatly limited the opportunities he had to see me naked. I wanted him to desire my body like never before once in place.
On the eve of our departure, I showed Marc a bikini that I had bought during the last few weeks. A micro bikini pale yellow which contained very little fabric! There were 2 small triangles at the level of the breasts that weren’t hiding my nipples and the bottom of the bikini was a thong which ran to the base pubic area, leaving it completely uncovered. Must I remind you that this bikini obliges me to be perfectly shaved! Marc seemed to be very interested in it and wanted to see me try it. No chance for him, he should wait until the beach. This bikini had in store for him as a little surprise that he did not know, when it was wet, it became almost transparent.
I had an exhibitionist side and he knew it. He knew that I would probably this facet of me a lot of time in the trip so that there would be no one that I know hundreds of kilometers away! For Marc, the idea that other people (men or women) see my body excited him. It was not an exhibitionist of his person, but he was mine! I would say that Marc was rather a side voyeuristic!
So my suitcases contained this famous bikini in addition to various pieces of lingerie that I had every intention of wearing it once to the hotel! I had also put some toys for us to have a little fun!
On the morning of departure, I’ve released Mark from his cage and I put it in my suitcase safely. We wanted to avoid at all costs the humiliation of having to explain what this object was if he ever wore when passing the security checks! So we arrived at our destination a few hours later. It is at this point that the fun began.
Once arrived at our hotel, we entered the room which was on the 8th floor. It was of good size and had a large balcony overlooking the side of the hotel, giving us the view of other balconies in front of us the street to our left and the sea to our right. We laid our suitcases and we are changed to go a few hours at the beach. It was 14heures and the temperature was magnificent. Marc removed his clothes and immediately I noticed that he was erect by seeing me naked. So I got his cage of chastity(one silicone, smaller and much easier to hide under a bathing suit) and I put in spite of his requests to leave him in freedom… I then put on my yellow bikini. The sex of my man was certainly all the space available in his small cage!
Directing us to the beach, I have to admit that I was very nervous at the idea of only wearing a few pieces of fabric that were hiding almost nothing. I remembered the time when I came to the Spring Break a few years ago the atmosphere was ultra sexy, but today it wasn’t Spring Break. So we arrived on the beach and quickly we found that almost nobody was wearing a bikini like mine and that only two women had bare breasts a bit away from the other. So we headed to the gap, near these 2 women and we have laid our towels not too far from them. I pulled my little skirt and my tank top and I asked Marc if he was cramped in his small cage and he looked at me, smiling and nodding their head.
At this time, he suggested we go for a swim. He did not know what would happen then to my bikini! We have, therefore, been in the sea for long minutes and then we returned to our towels. Immediately the look of Marc has changed. He’s staring at me with a smile a little bit stupid! I asked him: Why mouse-you like that? All smiles discreetly. I knew very well why he had this face, the bikini was made transparent. My nipples were visible under the thin fabric, which does not bother me at all. But my sex was fully exposed, I could easily distinguish the shape of my lips under my bikini! At this time I had a mixture of embarrassment to me to see not strangers, but are also a form of excitement to know that some people would be greatly appreciated the view. Marc could not divert his gaze, he sat at my side and looked fixedly at my bikini.
In the minutes which followed, I saw the gaze of passers-by change. The men who were walking on the beach diverted all look more or less subtle. They wanted to see what I had to show them. In less than 10minutes, my bikini was dry and it was becoming “opaque”, always ultra sexy, but he managed to hide the essential!
The day at the beach ended, we went back to the room for us to change… but I was horny from what had just happened! I’m stretched out on the bed and I asked Marc to make me come with his tongue. I still had not removed my bikini! So he started licking it for a few minutes and then it was rejected on the side to go more in-depth. A few minutes later, excited by the situation, I managed to reach orgasm. We then took a shower and we left the room to walk around and eat.
The night fell, we returned to the hotel exhausted from our day. We have not done anything sexual the night and the next morning a new day began. The alarm clock I’ve released Mark from his cage of chastity, no surprise it became erect immediately. This is not the time Marc, put your shorts I have a plan for today! I had an idea in mind for today. So I put on a little dress with flower happened to me a few centimeters under the buttocks. Below that, I wasn’t wearing panties, nor a bra on and he knew it! It was 9heures in the morning, we had lunch and took a long walk by the sea. Marc was unaware of what I had behind the head. After 30 minutes of walking, we arrived at a beach, Haulover beach, this beach was a beach, or the clothes were optional, but Mark ignored it. I told him we should go to the beach for a few hours that is what you say? He replied to me: We did not have our bathing suits. My answer was, whatever you do not need it here! Marc seemed surprised and embarrassed by the situation, he didn’t want to go there, in any case not in this state.
We were alone at this time at the entrance of the beach, I put my hands on the shorts of Marc and I immediately felt an erection. So, I know that the situation excited him probably in a little bit… since it was erect. It was explained to me that after 3 weeks without orgasm, it would be unable to control his erections on a beach with naked women. I haven’t left and continued his argument and I started to walk towards the beach, telling him: You have only to remain in the belly! He didn’t seem convinced, but he has all the same monitoring!
Once on the beach, there were only a few people, it was still quite early and the temperature warmed up slowly. I could see a little the difference a few couples a bit older, who practiced nudism as well as some people wearing clothing. We have asked a wide coverage range that I had in my handbag close enough to the sea and I removed my dress immediately. Marc hesitated a long while looking around him, he removed his jacket then lay down on the stomach to remove his shorts! He had not yet seen of young sexy women completely naked, except me, and it was already not in control of his erections! At the end of 20 minutes, I convinced him to return now that his sex was quiescent. He seemed to be relatively comfortable when I asked him to come swimming with me. He seemed hesitant but got up to join me.
Once off, I asked him if to know that so many people could see my “beautiful, small pussy shaved” excited him. Immediately I saw her sex become under the water and he asked me not to do that! I remained a few moments to tease him as well, and then I headed on the beach. Marc does not follow me! It needed 10 more minutes before I could finally get out of the sea without drawing too much attention.
When he returned, and 2 women who were required to be between 25 and 30 years had laid their towels close to us. One was completely naked and had a nice little metro ticket on the pubis, and the other had bare breasts. This 2nd woman had had the help of an excellent surgeon to have such big tits as perfect! In approaching me, Marc preview and it quickly turned its eyes before lying down on the belly. I told him to learn to control himself and I asked him to stay on the back as long as possible. He did and was able to keep that position for a few minutes before quickly getting back on the belly. He had just seen another couple to install it just in front of us. When the woman began to remove the bottom of her bikini, he lost control and was forced to return without great subtlety!
The day has to continue for a few hours, I wanted his eyes to take advantage of all the nudity that was offered and the freedom of temporary sex. We leave the beach in the afternoon to go shopping. Until the evening, I spoke constantly of the men that I saw who looked at my pussy as well as the many women who were present, and as little dressed like me. I knew he was very excited about the situation.
When we returned to the hotel in the evening, I asked him to go take his shower and then come join me. I said not to touch her sex! It is, therefore, returned a few minutes later. I was naked on the bed and I wanted to have fun with him. I did lie on the back with the hands under the head and then I started to lick and excite her for about ten minutes. He was excited and seemed always on the point of ejaculate. I finally left her sex and then I caressed under his eyes, telling him how I liked to think that other men  may be thinking about my body, how much it excited me to know that other men surely would have an orgasm “with me” today… and that the only man who would not would be him. I excited visually and verbally as well for more than 30minutes. I am then directed to him with his metal cage at the hand and I started to put him. I needed 5 minutes and 2 cold beers against their gender to get there and I begged him not to do that!
During the night while we were sleeping I heard Marc say: Shit, no…no…no… I wanted to ask him what was going on, but I immediately noticed that there was semen on the sheets and him! He had an erotic dream and had ejaculated in her cage chastity! It was the first time that this happened. Quickly I saw how these 2 last days had excited after 3 weeks without orgasm! I wasn’t angry, I would even say that I was proud to have managed to excite him to the point he cums in his sleep, without an erection, and in a cage of chastity! I never will forget this night, I had finally found her limit! The rest of the trip would probably be very interesting… I knew that I could make her cum without touching, even in a cage, he was pretty excited.

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