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According to Justin Lehmiller, who collected data on this topic for his book “Tell Me What You Want”, reported that 1 in 7 people have reported having a foot-related sexual fantasy before. However, he explains the number of people who have a true fetish for feet is likely to be much smaller than that. Asking for a foot rub—or offering one—can provide a natural way to continue the conversation about specific preferences you or your partner might have. “This can be really helpful in a new relationship where maybe all the kinks aren’t fully explored and fleshed out yet,” said Miss Arcana. As your partner rubs your feet, ask your partner how your feet smell, or even how they taste, and whether they’re turned on by that. “If you approach this conversation with more subtlety than just asking, ‘So, what do you like about feet’ , you might get a better response!

While your partner may not share the same interest in feet as you do, they may have other curiosities they’d like to explore. You don’t owe your partner a response in the moment. Ask them to give you time to think about what they’ve said. If feet are just a no-go zone for you, that’s important to know, for both you and your partner. If your partner recently brought up their interest in feet, you may have questions about what’s involved and how you should respond.

You might compliment their technique, tell them how good it feels, or just sit back, relax, and watch them do their thing. “Growing up, many of us are told, ‘Feet are dirty, they’re gross, don’t put your feet in my face,’ so that’s the automatic feeling many people get just because we’ve been taught that,” said foot fetish model Sweet Arches. “The best thing is just to drop all judgment and be completely open-minded,” she said, when someone’s telling you what they like about feet, even if it strikes you as unusual . The Pornhub team is always updating and adding more porn videos every day. We have a huge free DVD selection that you can download or stream.

A man with a foot fetish might want to worship your feet, suck on your toes, massage your feet, get a foot job and come on your feet, have you walk on him, or have you rub your high heels or stocking feet in his face. He may be fixated on the size and shape of your foot, your toenails, your shoes, and the scent of your feet. (Get ready! He may ask to sniff your socks.) He may also like to tickle your feet. Trained observers used handheld computers to collect data on ISB during continuous 10-s intervals. During functional analysis sessions, ISB was scored when Alex moved his pelvis back and forth while he lay on the floor, and data were summarized as the percentage of intervals during which responding occurred.

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Scott Fitzgerald was described by a mistress as a foot fetishist, and himself referred to a “Freudian shame about his feet”. Similar to other forms of sexual fetishism, no consensus has yet been established about the specific causes of foot fetishism. While many works on the topic exist, their conclusions are often regarded as highly speculative. If you want your partner to be okay with your foot fetish, then the worst thing you can do is blurt it out right away. If you’re just in the middle of your first date, or even kissing for the first time, saying, “I have a foot fetish!” is likely to turn your night in the wrong direction. If you want to tell your partner about your foot fetish and get the best results, then you have to wait for the perfect time — when you know each other a little better.

A very strong attraction to feet, most commonly a male having one for female feet. The presence of feet in erotic magazines has grown exponentially over the last few decades, and there are even theories that foot fetishism increases during times of sexual epidemics ( syphilis, etc.) . Some want them small and feminine with a perfect arch.

Foot Massage

” said Mistress D. As she pointed out, “Not many people want to come right out and say they like the smell of your feet! ” A foot massage is a great time to check in about what you’re both comfortable doing next, even if that means staying right where you are. If you both want to get more physical, have your partner give you a foot massage. “A foot massage helps break the mental barrier many people have that feet are ‘dirty,’” said Lennox—plus it also feels really good for you! While your partner rubs your feet, maintain eye contact and let them know you’re enjoying having your feet touched.


If you find yourself being attracted to a woman’s feet more than other parts of her body, or experiencing sexual fantasies that feature a woman’s feet, then you probably have a foot fetish. Don’t tell your relatives that you are sexually stimulated by their feet. You will get a negative reply, it doesn’t matter how you say it. Keep your foot fetish between yourself and your sexual partners . Figure 1 shows the latency to the first occurrence of ISB during baseline and treatment conditions. During all baseline sessions, Alex engaged in ISB almost immediately when the woman entered the room.

After a 1-min time-out period had passed, Alex again was allowed to walk around the room. Fading entailed eliminating first one strap, then the other. When both straps were eliminated, the therapist responded to attempts to drop to the floor by pulling up on a small loop at the top of the backpack. After both straps were eliminated, generalization sessions were conducted in the work area, cafeteria, and outside courtyard in the presence of four different women wearing sandals.

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