tips for giving head

18 Tips For Giving Better Head

The perineum usually responds best to firm pressure, so try pressing a single knuckle into that area. You can try kneading the skin with your knuckle, or you can simply exert pressure. It’s sad enough that the balls get so overlooked, but what really brings a tear to my eye is all of those poor neglected buttholes out there. Gay men are usually clued in to the magic of the asshole, but straight men can often be more squeamish; the anus is still pretty taboo in our society, but it’s past time we all get over it. Once you’re ready to get down to business, you’ll want to get their dick nice and wet and establish a good baseline technique. Slide your mouth up and down their penis a few times, keeping your tongue pressed against the underside of their dick.

tips for giving head

The last thing you want is an accident, which is a huge, awkward pain for everyone involved. I can pretty much tell you for a fact that leaning over that center console will not be particularly comfortable for whoever is giving the B.J. Definitely make sure the guy is warmed up and ready to go before actually going down on him — your neck and ribs will thank me later. For this type of massage, it’s fine for the person to be sitting up or lying down.

And Don’t Neglect The Rest Of Their Body To Quote The 20th Century Philosopher John Mayer…

When it comes to deep throating, creating optimal breathing opportunities and using breath to help you to relax are important ingredients for success. Wait until your sinuses are cleared out, then try. Lie on your back, no pillows beneath your head, and elevate your legs.

Keep telling them how hot it makes you to be pleasuring them. If you do want to swallow, Dr. Jess has a few suggestions to enhance the experience. “Take the penis deep into your throat and when they come, gaze seductively into their eyes,” she advises. Or when your partner tells you they’re close, suck only on the head, so you can control how much you swallow at a time.

Most kitchen oils will work for this purpose, as will massage oils. You can use avocado, coconut, almond, or mustard oil, to name a few. Massage the oil into the scalp with your fingers and thumbs, moving up to the top of the head. Make sure you get both the front and back of the head, as well. It’s best to start with clean hands when providing a massage to someone. You should spend at least 20 seconds washing your hands.

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Try taking each ball in your mouth for a minute. You can also try licking in between the balls, going all the way from the back of their scrotum to the front. Once you’ve gotten them lubed up, use your hand and mouth in tandem. Most people’s mouths aren’t big enough to accommodate an average-sized penis, so your hand is essential for coverage. Use it to stimulate the majority of the shaft, and your mouth to stimulate the head. The shaft tends to be the least-sensitive part of the penis, so you can use more pressure than you might think.

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Stroke up the back of the neck until you reach the base of the head. Your fingertips should rest on the ridge at the back of the head for a moment. Rub in a circular motion starting at the base of the head.

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