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The only person he ever gags was Valkenhayn and it was justified because restraining a werewolf without a gag is disastrous. Grabbed By the Ghoulies has so many tied up people scattered around the mansion in so many ways that it probably counts as Fetish Fuel. Example 1 Example 2 The game itself, however, was a massive flop. Since he’s not gagged, he can talk to Cleo, but he stubbornly refuses to complain about his situation. The Coasters’ 1959 hit, “Along Came Jones” describes how they are watching a television melodrama wherein the villain is trying to secure the deed to Sweet Sue’s ranch. In sequence, he ties her to a log in the sawmill, to a dynamite trap in the abandoned mine, and, finally, to the railroad tracks.

The CW network’s superhero urban noir series Arrow boasts over 50 bondage scenes. The Third Doctor is bound and gagged in Day Of The Daleks, as is Jo Grant. Rose gets bound in three of the first four episodes of series two of the new series. She is bound by Cassandra in “New Earth,” then Chained to a Rock in “Tooth And Claw” to be eaten by the werewolf, then is bound to a torture rack in “The Girl In The Fireplace.” In the Supernatural episode “Hunted”, you would be forgiven for thinking that Dean like this was the main attraction, considering as most of the pictures released/trailers shown have him tied up. Guess they know who their audience is.And when Castiel had duct-tape over his mouth in “Changing Channels”, livejournal icons of the scene popped up almost instantly.

Finally the trio and Dean Thomas are tied up when they are taken to Malfoy Manor in the The Deathly Hallows.Snape does this to Lupin at the confrontation scene in Prisoner of Azkaban. Paula Peril is an unapologetically bondage-oriented comic book adventures series from Atlantis Studios. The eponymous heroine is a very courageous, very beautiful, and very VERY buxom investigative reporter. In every issue, without fail, she gets “caught snooping” and ends up bound, gagged, and imperiled.

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As the Living MacGuffin, multiple arcs have focused on him being arrested or kidnapped by various parties. This also prevents him from biting into his hand, the trigger for his titan transformations. “There are people who hate us for turning their holy ideal of cosplay into a filthy playground”, Jester says. “Sometimes we get disgusting comments on our DeviantArt page like ‘go kill yourself’, and ‘you’re sick’”. Those moments ingrained within me the understanding that New York City was a place where exciting and unpredictable things happened, even to little boys from Western Maryland.

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It should noted that all of these scenes are either changed/removed in the film adaptations, though they actually added a gagging scene in the first film, where Ron is briefly gagged by the Devil’s Snare. The Nazis tie Marion Ravenwood to a pole in a tent and gag her. When Indy finds her, he starts untying her, but then realizes that if he does so the Nazis will start looking for them. This would prevent him from finding the Ark, so he ties her back up and puts her gag back on while she makes loud protests. In Beach Blanket Bingo , beautiful blonde singer Sugar Kane is bound, gagged, and lashed to a log for the classic buzzsaw scene.

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“It began as a silly bet”, Jester tells me. “I told my wife about my love for bondage-related stuff and showed her my Deviantart Page”. After some discussion about the possible intersection of two of his interests, Kitty made a bet with him that they would upload a gallery of her in cosplay, bound and gagged, and see how well it did. I was tied in a different ways and spent a good time in bondage.

To set this straight, they began as, and remain outside certain photos, “traditional” cosplayers. They don’t attend cons tied up, nor do they do their bondage stuff with other folks, and every outfit they make is done with regular cosplay in mind. Despite this, bondage is what they’re fast becoming known for, with increasing levels of both support and notoriety. There’s always been a bit of a stigma attached to hentai, a highly sexualised form of Japanese anime and manga. Ditto for any associated cosplay, which can often be explicitly pornographic. Despite this, a German couple is finding some surprising mainstream success combining the two.

We made an escape challenge and I lost and had to be spread eagle on the bed in my raingear, bikehelmet and lifejacket. After I was made to pee in my rainwear at the pole. A group of kids that were abducted into the Mafia to become trained killers hatch a plan to kill the mafia leader in order to get revenge for their murdered families. Ras one the girls of the group gets captured by a third party who is onto the groups plan. She is tied to a chair and gagged as bait to lure the other kids in for a supposed betrayal from one of the stronger members of the kids.

The other sailors use his reactions as a gauge for when it’s safe to unclog their ears. The first half of the film The Transporter featured Shu Qi’s character exclusively in this state. Ball-gags are used in Pulp Fiction in the scene where Butch and Marsellus are captured by Zed and Maynard. In Pocahontas, Ratcliffe is captured by his man after shooting one of them. They gag him to prevent him insulting everybody who will come to their funreals. Happens to many Distressed Damsels in Sin City when they’re captured by a Big Bad.

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